Activities for 17 Month Old Girl

Updated on February 07, 2009
K.B. asks from Hendersonville, NC
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My husband is a stay at home dad and I looking for fun things for him to do with our daughter. Any suggestions?

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answers from Raleigh on

I enjoy blowing bubbles, taking walks and finding leaves, rocks, or other natural things that the kids find, building with blocks, playing "tea party", rolling a ball, going on errands together, visiting toy stores, reading books, snuggling, dancing to music...

hope this helps =)


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answers from Johnson City on

Hello K., I stayed at home with each of my three children and I have to say, there is a wealth of activities available to toddlers. Regardless of how parents choose to schedule, there is just so much available. For our daughter, from about age 9 months, we enrolled in baby hour at our local library. It took place only one hour a week, for 8 months a year. We attended activities geared to her age at the hands on museum once a month. We did the YMCA Mommy and Me play group once a week. (there were dads there) We also did Kindermusic once a week. This is only a sample of what we did. There is much more availble depending on your pesonal likes. If she is a the "princess type" our local Ballet studio has classes for toddlers. It was a hoot!!

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answers from Charlotte on

My son is only 12 months but he loves bubbles to write yeah its early but hes got those beginner markers and loves them blocks he loves to stack them one of his favorites we have one of thos big exercise balls he loves to play with it inside or outside since he started walking he lose to be chased paarks a must we have a hammock swing both my boys love that anything for her to beat on a pot a bucket drums theyll love any of that at this age fun is all in your creativity goodluck tear

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answers from Asheville on

My husband has been a stay at home dad and here are some things he's done with our son (mostly winter stuff):
- Gymnastics (High Flight Gym in Asheville has toddler gym time a few mornings a's $5 for 45 minutes and is great). During the week, the owner (a guy) does a little class and obstacle course for the kids.
- We have a annual pass to The Health Adventure. It doesn't cost that much and is nice to have as an option 1-2 times a week especially in the winter.
- The Fun Depot has a toddler play area indoors. It's tons of fun and is only $3 for the day (they're open Mon-Sat).
- If he's running errands and needs a break, the play area at the mall is a good place to safely run off energy.
- We also do swim classes at the YWCA (classes there are better than the YMCA from what I've been told), but I take our son to most of's mostly mommies there so your husband might feel a little out of place going all the time.
- Beyond that, we hit the park pretty much every other day.

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answers from Memphis on

When our 10yods was little I did a program with him (free online) at

They even have things to do with children as young as your daughter. I think they would enjoy the activities in there & will have good bonding time too.

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answers from Charlotte on

Hey, you're not in the Charlotte area, by any chance are you? My husband also stays home with our 19 month old daughter and we have 6 yr. old son! He loves taking her to the park and just walking around outside discovering stuff. He has 'work stations' set up with crayons, chalk boards, flash cards with pictures, etc. Let me know if your in the area and they can do a 'Daddy playdate'!

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answers from Charlotte on

Also some libraries have puzzles and book sets that you can check out with a common theme and some extra activites.
Crayons and color sheets may hold her interest. and just going different places like the fire dept. library and shopping, hardware store can be an adventure for a little one, the garden department with all the pretty flowers etc. Also look for coupons for places like Monkey Joe's(jumpcastles for little ones up to elementary schooler)
I know in charlotte 1/2 price days are Wednesday.

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answers from Lexington on

Some of the most fun things for my toddler was simple things like going for walks at her pace, letting her look at nature and us talking about things. Cooking and cleaning were "fun" as she would handle the objects, and attempt to mimic what I was doing.

It is cold outside, but playgrounds, of course are always fun. If one is in walking distance, the biggest fun can be just walking to and from the playground.

Pretend play with dolls, cars, and villages. Putting down open umbrellas and covering chairs with sheets to make tents, "houses", etc... building "campfires" with blocks... These were things my daughters loved more than anything.

Reading to her. I think she would've sat for hours with me reading to her if I could have stood it. She also loved the library, and the children's section of large book stores.

Feeding ducks and geese out at ponds.

Visting with slightly older children who could talk with her and pretend play (she was an absolute chatter box after turning a year old), or having them come over to play with her.

Going to pet stores was always a wonderful diversion. And the bread store. Yummy.

Again it is too cold now, but in warmer weather I would bicycle with her in the neighborhood. And gardening. That was another thing she could do for hours as long as the weather was nice enough.

On the side of things we could not do as often - going to the children's museum, oh, and she loved the airplane museum (at the airport).


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answers from Asheville on

My husband was also a stay at home Dad and took our daughter to the Library alot and the area parks. She practically grew up at Laurel Park playground at the end of 5th Avenue across from the Laurel Park Police Dept.. The only thing about that one is that you better use the bathroom at the Police Dept before you walk out to the playground area for obvious reasons. ;-) When it rains, the Chic-Fil-A playground is nice too, because it's indoors and the YMCA is another alternative. Hope this helps.

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answers from Nashville on

Along with the library, the YMCA has some great things to do they have classes for toddlers, I know my 2yr old is in tumbling tots and he loves it. Also, the First Baptist of Hendersonville has a great facility here's the link
they have a big play place that's a lot of fun. I'm not sure where you live so I don't know if you're in this area or not. Also Nick jr website has some things to do and so does the family fun website. I found this website for stay at home dads too

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answers from Wilmington on

The local library is a great place to start..not only do they have weekly storytimes for little ones; they can also be a great resource for other activies. Barnes and Nobles also have a storytime. Enjoy your local parks for walks and playground activities, local museums (even an art museum can be made fun for a little one if you plan ahead). Dad can also do lots of fun things at home...arts and crafts, baking together, and just playing together is more then a little girl could ask for.

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