ACK! Please Help! Cat Urine! Gross!

Updated on July 06, 2009
C.P. asks from Parker, CO
5 answers

Hi, mamas,

I was hoping you could help. We recently have a problem with one of our cats urinating in the famiy room along one side of the wall. We've used Natures Miracle, shampooed the carpet, sprinkled carpet deodorizer both on the carpet, and underneath it (DH lifted the carpet up to get the floor and pad underneath). It still smells like urine, and we think the one cat(s?) are still going to the bathroom there. We have two cats. It seems like recently, they are not getting along and fighting a lot. One of them seems to have a hurt paw as well - from a cat fight?

Anyway, any suggestions on how to get the smell out, and how to get the cat(s) to stop peeing there?


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answers from Denver on

OH, I have been there!
Truthfully, I love going the natural route, but vinegar alone has never worked for me on cat urine. There is a kit you can buy on Amazon, and it’s called Anti-Icky Poo. It's the best stuff I have seen. It even comes with a black light so you can locate the spot. You take a syringe and inject it into the carpet pad. The urine will crystallize and you vacuum it up.

Good luck!



answers from Denver on

The only thing I have found that gets rid of cat urine smell is white distilled vinegar. Good luck!

Make it a GREAT holiday weekend!




answers from Casper on

Oxiclean will work, but it will bleach some types of carpet, so test first. The other thing that will definitelywork is chaparral tea. Chaparral can be found in most wilderness areas or purchased at an herb shop. boil it in water, strain out the little branches or leaves, then pour it directly on the spot. It will completely destroy the odor. We used it in a van we bought where my husband found dead baby mice. When he was done cleaning it it smelled like good clean dirt. Best of luck.


answers from Pocatello on

I'm sorry to say that smell will never come out! My mother had the same problem with our cat. She even had the carpet pulled up and the some sealant put on the floor and had the carpet and pad treated professionally and the smell was still there. Plus once the smell is there the cats can smell it and will continue to pee there. We finally had to get all new carpet and had to keep the cat in the basement. She lived there for years but my mom felt so bad to keep her locked down there like that. So if you really want the smell out you will have to get new carpet (still seal the floor underneath) and either put the cats outside, or in a different part of the house, or give them away cause once they start peeing they won't stop.



answers from Boise on

There are a few things you can do, it isn't hopeless! I have more cats then kids and a few kittens so I am no stranger to accidents. What you did is GREAT but another solution is equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle, and spray the area down (after you clean it) cats don't like the smell..ok neither do we but it goes away pretty fast for us. You will also need to keep the room closed to them for a few days. Once you open the room back up to them be prepared to watch them and make sure that they are not sneaking back over to that area, if they are then squirt them with a spray bottle...they do get the hint if you are persistant. Baking soda sprinkled on the area over night (sometimes twice) will also get rid of the smell.

I am glad you asked instead of just jumping to the conclusion that the cat has to go. As to the fighting, cats go through phases were they love each other then hate each other, but the older they get the more solitary they become and the peeing is probably a way for them to show who is the dominant cat. I am not sure how to fix that...mine will just fight and when they do they get put outside.

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