Acai Berry/Colon Cleanse Diet Work?

Updated on May 25, 2010
L.W. asks from McKinney, TX
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Has anyone tried the Acai Berry Cleanse/Colon Clenase Diet? I heard about it on the news, and I prefer herbal or more natural weight lose instead of trend diet pills that have things I cann't even pronounce in them. Of course exercise too, but I really want to know if this Acai berry thing has worked for real people. Please share you results and or expereince with this Acai berry thing.

P.S. I DO exercise 4 days a week which is all I am able to do with my busy lifestyle, and I DO eat healthy, since I AM a vegan. For some reason I cannot shead the 40 lbs I have left. I am looking for something to assist my exercise and healthy eating. A Boost if you will,

Thanks so much!

love, rolly polly mamma and pappa

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So What Happened?

Thanks , it sounds like most of ya'll say NO, to this diet.

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answers from New York on

I have never tired them - read to much about scams etc. But I found when I couldn't lose weight that there was a lot of "hidden" calories that I could take out (extra hand full of nuts or extra piece or two of fuit etc.). Also although I was exercising I was not exercising correctly to maximise weight loss. There are charts on heart rates, and aerobic heart rates and what you should be trying achive for the maximum efficacy of your workouts. You do not say what you do for exercise, bu hopefully it is aerobic since that is the best for weight loss and overall health.

Also - please don't take this the wrong way - Being a vegan does not mean you eat healthy, it just means you don't eat meat dairy etc. Portion size and the amount of fat / calories you take in are what decides whether you lose or gain wieght, whether the fat comes from a cut of meat or nuts doesn't matter to your body, once it has what it needs, it stores the extra.

You might want to see if your Doctor has a mchine to measure your metabolic rate (I forget what it is called). THis will help them determine how many calories your body needs to function. From there they can help you determine how many calories you should be eating over the course of a day.

Good luck!

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answers from Boston on

Hi there. I have not used those products, but what I can tell you is that if a pill really and truly worked, NO ONE would be overweight.
Eliminate processed foods as much as you can from your diet, if not all together, and then exercise.
Diet has far more to do with losing weight than exercise, but exercise helps you keep it off very effectively.
I would spend my money on some healthy food and cookbooks, and exercise DVD's instead.
Good luck!
I have a blog on health & fitness if you are interested:

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answers from Washington DC on

I did try that and it made me terribly sick. I would take a pill and that night i would have terrible cramps, diarrhea, and uncontollable vomiting. I took a total of 5 pills.
I also tried to get out of the 30 pills a month gig they send you and my credit card company had to go into litigation with other customers against the company.
I have since read up on it and I wasn't the only one scammed.
Clean out your fridge and cabinets, Out with the processed and in with the fresh. Put the dog on a leash and walk the neighborhood. '
I did do Weight Watchers and it worked really well for me.

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answers from Grand Rapids on

i tried it and it did nothing for me. I found it was just easier to watch my diet. I did try it again after i changed up my diet some, hopeing it might just increase the weight loss, but i was still only losing about 1 lb a week, so it didn't work at all for me.

The one thing i did notice was i was getting more headaches with it. I know there are different strengths out there, so if you are going to try it, you might want to start at the lowest which i believe is 500mg, instead of spending money on the 1000mg, of 1500mg, and then finding out you have headaches as well. I noticed that if i took just 1 500mg a day i didn't have the headaches but anymore than that and i did.

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answers from Washington DC on

Yeah the only thing that will get skinnier is your wallet. Don't waste your money. Plus I never saw much sence in inducing diarrhea, is just not healthy. You say you are vegan , this is great. You need to look at how much carbs and protein you are taking in. To loose some pounds you need to trim carbs and up the protein. If all fails get together with a nutrisionist.



answers from Los Angeles on

My doctor said not to use the Acai berry/colon cleanse diet because I have high Blood pressure and diabetes. (I asked him why and he basically said the acai etc negates and over powers the medicine he gives me.) I don't remember the web site where I bought the Acai Berry Colon Cleanse product, but when I told them not to send me any more of their product they kept charging me and I finally had to cancel my credit card to stop the charges.

The body is like a bank account. You spend calories every day. You add calories every day. If you add more calories than you spend the bank account gets bigger.

Some people like to paint. Others like to hunt or knit or garden. I like the flavors of food and my bank account is larger than it has to be. I tried the Six-Week-Body-Make-Over diet and I lost 16 pounds the first week. 4 pounds the second week and 5 pounds the third week. They guarantee you will loose two pants sizes or two dress sizes in 6 weeks or your money back. My thought was, "How could I loose?" (no pun intended). I either lost the two pants sizes or I got my money back. I lost three pants sizes over the 6 weeks and have used it whenever I need a good quick weight loss. It has also helped me to keep from gaining the weight back. I no longer have it because I've loaned it to friends who used it to loose weight and "forgot" where they "borrowed" it. When you get rid of the fluff, the basic tennet is: no sugar, no salt, no fat. One cup portion sizes for starch. 4 ounces of meat at any meal except dinner (8 ounces) and you eat 5 snack-meals per day. All the vegetables you want. You also eat 1/2 a grapefruit in the morning and if you get really hungry in the evening you eat another half grapefruit.

What I found works best for me is staying strictly on the diet for 6 days and eat what you want (not as much as you want) on the 7th day. That keeps me from having cravings.

Good luck to you.

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