Acai Barries and Life Clense

Updated on August 21, 2009
A.P. asks from Brooklyn, NY
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Hi to all the Moms,
I wanted to know if any of you tried acai barries an life cleanse to lose weight. How much pounds did you lost and How long? Did you gain your weight back after you stop taking it? I hope any of you can share your experience wit me because I am willing to give it a try. Let me tel you abot my weight. I am 124 lbs from 154 lbs when I gave birth to my first baby 7 months ago. I really want to get back to my pre mom weight which was 115 lbs. Thanks in advance for sharing.
A. P.

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answers from Buffalo on

Please take a look at Isagenix - The cleanse you are talking about is a knock off of a very, very reputable and amazing cleanse product. Dr. William E. Wheeler, Ph.D., ACSM is head of the scientific advisory board - He has advised two Presidents on nutrition. Many doctors, nutritionists, etc are using this product in their practice.

I personally lost 30 lbs over three years ago and have kept it off. I still use the protein shakes because they are the best available. I'm thrilled with the products.


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answers from New York on

Hi! This is not the way to lose weight. The acai berry in itself is a wonderful fruit. It's an antioxident and has great cancer fighting components...great for your immunes!
As a nutritionist and mom, I have my clients and my family take frozen acai (at Whole Foods) as part of a morning smoothie, but that's it. Yes, when you do a cleanse, which is great to do in the spring and fall (a gentle one) for energy and basic "cleaning out", one of the benefits is weight loss. Please don't just get whatever is on the shelf or on the TV that's the "new fad" diet. Diets don't work. Lifestyle does.
When losing weight it's not just about focusing on the foods you ingest, it's about everything else you're ingesting: people, thoughts, negativity, lack of self love, as a woman and a mother "stuff" gets in our path and we need to face it.

Be good to yourself and don't (please) ruin your health taking some goofy stuff that advertisers are good at promoting.

Love yourself first, drink lots of water and eat your greens. There in is the answer~


Let me know if need any more support around this. Good luck!

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answers from New York on

As a Registered Dietitian, the Acai berrry claims and life cleanse worry me. You did not say how tall you are. Are you exercising? If you decrease your caloric intake by 500 calories a day, you will lose a pound a month and not feel deprived. Stop all carbinated beverages, drink water and herbal tea. Increase your fruits and vegetables. If you are really overweight, consider Weight Watchers.

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answers from New York on

i can tell you that i've tried the acai tonic at le pain quotidien and it does suppress hunger. also, it is refreshing.



answers from New York on

Hi A.,
I'm sorry to say that it was just yesterday in the news- it's a SCAM!!!
Sadly I fell for it as well...
You lose your money more than you lose your weight :(
I wish you all the best.



answers from New York on

I did a lot of research into that and everything pointed to SCAM. I actually also spoke to a woman in the GNC Store who sells the Acai berry supplements. She said it is great for your body to use Acai as a supplement, but it WILL NOT cause the weight loss all these internet scams claim. Don't waste your money.

I recently did an isagenix 9 day was expensive, but in 9 days I lost 9 pounds and I have kept it off since March. Its high protein meal replacement shakes, very nutritious and I felt fantastic while I was doing it. Check it out online.

Good luck with your weight loss.



answers from New York on

Hi A.,
Congratulations on your first baby and your engagement!!!.
I think losing weight after giving birth really depends on a person. Some lose it fast, some, well, it takes a little longer. But instead of using the latest trick out there for losing weight, maybe you should consider something that will be more of a lifestyle, than a quick fix.
I haven't tried acai berries and cleanse, but I always ask myself: what will happen after I stop the diet/treatment?
I'm eager to read what other moms have to say about acai berries.
Good luck,
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answers from Rochester on

Do not do it. It is a scam. They take your money and do not deliver the product until after the expiration that you can return it. Then they take your money out of your account every month and you have to fight them to stop.

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