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Updated on March 03, 2012
H.M. asks from Beaverton, OR
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I'm so vexed by searching preschool to my daughter...I'm searching for public school and should be affordable...and concern about location...it is better to be near to our location(Bothell).
My questions are...In which month schools start...and how before we have to enroll?? And main problem is my daughter is just 28 months now so...it makes any problem to enroll for coming year classes?? Is she eligible?? or not what should we do?? She is so active and quick learner , so i don't want to wast a year...I searched too many website...still i'm in dilemma to choose...Better advice pls...

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So What Happened?

Thank u all...
After seeing eligibility criteria of school here(Northshore)...she should be 3 to august 1st...but she'll be completing 3 on November 7th...What to do...just miss of 3 months...she is not eligible...Or are there any schools for this kind of kids?? or we have to wast an year...And they are saying only 12 students for a session...its too less...what should other students do?? Are there any school other that north shore?? solution pls...

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answers from Seattle on

Your school district is Northshore, their preschool is at the Sorensen Early Childhood Center. You have to call them to figure our eligibility. Here in Shoreline Children must be 3 on or before September 1.

Good luck.

Edited to add:this is just the public school preschool, private preschools are a lot more flexible regarding age but they also tend to be pricier. And yes, if your child misses the cut off date most school districts will require you to wait a year.
I would strongly suggest that you contact your school district. You seem to have a lot of questions and it will probably help you getting them answered in person.

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answers from San Francisco on

Your post is very jambled and hard to make out.

I believe the school year starts in either late August or early September. Usually you can enroll them starting in January, so enrollment should be opened now.

She may be old enough by the time school starts to be eligible. She will have to be potty trained. There should be some state operated preschools in your area which are free.

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answers from Seattle on

Hi - you can try a cooperative preschool - they often have classes for 2/3, 3/4, and 4/5 age groups. The price is lower than other schools as the parent works in the classroom one day a week and has a year-round school job (normally only takes a few hours a month, depending on the job). I am a parent coordinator at a coop just north of Mill Creek but we are sponsored by Edmonds Community College and they have several co-ops around this area. Look at their site: http://pared.edcc.edu/Parent%20Cooperative%20Preschool/

The different schools are listed on the right. I have been with the Mill Creek Cooperative preschool for 3 years now (my son was also in it) and it has been quite fun being an active part of my child's early education. They have parenting classes and I have made some really great mom-friends. It is comforting to know that what I go through with my children, others are going through also.

I know there are lots of other great preschools out there but at least with a co-op, I can be a part of her first learning experiences.

Good luck!

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answers from Pittsfield on

If I'm doing the math right, she'll be about 2 months shy of 3 in September, so my guess is that they wouldn't accept her yet. You can call around and ask- maybe things are different where you live, but here pre-schoolers are 3 and 4 year olds.
Good luck! :)

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