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Updated on February 12, 2015
V.S. asks from Coatesville, PA
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I totally hate wearing maternity pants - can't seem to find a pair that stays up all day - I feel like all I do is tug them upwards. I usually bought Motherhood Maternity brand and thought, hmm, maybe the company sizing just doesn't work with me. I was looking at GAP maternity - did you always buy the same size number that you wore when not pregnant? I tried on that size and it felt comfortable, however, I am only 23 weeks into things and I am wondering if they might be too small into my 3rd trimester. Should I go a size up? Any other tricks for getting the pants to stay up and comfortable all day long? Thank you!

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answers from Dallas on

I had the same problem with pants from motherhood maternity. The best Jean's I found d where from Gap maternity. They where expensive but so with it. I never outgrew my maternity clothes.

ETA the best pants for work I found at a local maternity boutique more expensive then motherhood but again better fit and quality and you can get by with a few pairs.

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answers from Rochester on

Belly Bands were one of the best purchases I made. They work like a belt. I wore my regular pants unbuttoned with the band well into my second trimester and after babies were born until I had lost baby weight. They kept loose maternity pants up too.

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answers from Portland on

The best pregnancy pants and jeans I found were the ones that looked like regular pants except they had a thick stretchy band at the top (where your waist is) that you could fold over for early on in pregnancy, and then unfold and stretch up over your expanding belly the further you were along.

Kind of like how some yoga pants come - with the fold-over top.

They were great. I wore them after having the baby too. Because they fit in the seat and hips like regular jeans, they stayed up. This was years ago, but pretty sure I found some at Gap and maternity stores.

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answers from Boise on

I am not a shopper; at least not for myself. I hate clothes shopping for myself. So, when I became pregnant (every time) I bought the bare-bones minimum and spent as little money as possible, knowing that I would only be wearing them a short amount of time. Therefore, I went cheap. :) I bought mine at Target, WalMart and Kmart. I worked up until my deliveries on all but one pregnancy and never had problems with the pants I bought. I generally bought the size I was before pregnancy, but I have no idea if that works for the brands you mentioned.

Good luck. It's frustrating when clothes don't fit right, isn't it?!

(oh, and congratulations!!!)

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answers from Kansas City on

Old Navy had the best for me, though my aunt bought me a pair from Target that I wish I could still wear, they were so comfortable.


answers from Dallas on

I never bought any maternity clothes. I purchased things a couple of sizes larger than my normal size.

I did buy good bras while I was pregnant and I only took the bra off if I was in the shower or bath the entire duration of pregnancy.



answers from Boston on

I found the best maternity clothing at Gap, I wanted my clothes to fit decent while working. They had nice jeans, pants and shirts that fit me and most importantly stayed up all through my pregnancy. I had some luck at Motherhood Maternity. Old Navy jeans were awful. I actually had good luck with Target and got some great maternity tops at Macy's.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Wearing a long t shirt tucked in helped keep my pants up. I bought men's A shirts and they worked great for me when pregnant.

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