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Updated on September 30, 2011
K.I. asks from Norman, OK
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I hope to get some answers about this I'm totally ignorant about it.
The father of my DD has been order to provide health nsurance , he hasn't til now because he says is been looking for and can't find one, this is the tricky part: we live in Oklahoma he lives in Georgia. He said there's no way to get a minor insurance for himself and if he get insurance for him and the child doesn't cover our state, I don't know what can we do, is any expert mama out there in this field?
Thank you

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So What Happened?

My DD have soonercare right now.(Medicaid) and father is in child support enforcement in Georgia so Oklahoma is asking to change him here or they will cancel her Medicaid... I'm going to keep looking by myself before that happen.

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answers from St. Louis on

Not an expert but it seems the easiest way to skin this cat is you find insurance and he pays for it. So find three different insurance plans that will cover your daughter, get quotes and send them to him. Let him pick and make sure he pays in advance.

Cat skinned! :)

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answers from Kansas City on

It's his job to buy it period. It's not your problem if he can afford it.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

If he can't get it he can't get it no matter what the court order states. We have it in our guardianship papers that the parents are supposed to do that too but the companies have said so far that they don't cover anyone not living in the household. Since he lives in another state even if he did pay for it it would not cover anything the child had done due to the doc's and hospital's not being on the approved list.

We have Sooner Care for the kids and use Child Support Enforcement and since the employers have told them that they will not allow the insurance there is not problem whatsoever.

I loved living in Norman, I used to live over by Heisman shopping mall on Texas Avenue many many years ago. I loved my little WWII duplex. Then I moved over to Twisted Oak. That was a nice little neighborhood. I transferred to OSU and liked it better though...GO OSU!! Just teasing, love both teams.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I'm not expert either, but I have purchased individual insurance policies. What he may be finding is that he can't get a policy to cover both himself and your daughter. He may have to buy a policy for just your daughter, from an insurer that covers the state you live in. This may be more expensive, but it should be available.

I purchased an invidividual policy for my daughter from Medica.



answers from Albuquerque on

He can certainly purchase a policy that covers the entire nation - Blue Cross is the big name that everyone knows. Their policies are nationwide. Tell him to contact an insurance agency and ask if they can guide him to a suitable policy. I just did this for our family. It's not cheap to find private insurance, but it's possible.


answers from Dallas on

If he buys a policy in one state it can still be used in another state, as long as it is a national carrier like Blue Cross.
Does Georgia have a low income insurance you can buy through the state? We have Chip. Chldrens Health Insurance Program. If his job doesn't offer health and he hasn't bought any, you could apply for the insurance program and they will charge him that much more on his support to cover the cost. For instance if the policy is $35 a month, you would pay it but his support to you would be increased by $35 a month. Even if you don't have that program, you can have them tack medical support onto his child support. CAll your states attorney general.


answers from Dallas on

Sounds like he is dragging his feet.

Your daughter needs to be insured. Help this man find something if he is willing to provide it. If he is not willing, then get it yourself. What would you do if there was some accident or she got terribly sick?

There are insurance agents out there who deal with this on a ongoing basis.

Leave your emotions out of this... be practical and get your daughter covered.



answers from St. Louis on

it's a tough situation. Even the national carriers offer better rates for PPOs which would not apply in your case.

What would happen if you did the phonework on this one...contacting your local resources? That way you are both working toward resolution on coverage for your child.....


answers from Dothan on

What a LOAD of BS, he simply has to call the 800 number of the Ins. Co.he wants to get the insurance from & the rep. there will tell him how to go about doing what he needs to do!



answers from Birmingham on

He should be able to contact an insurer in the child's state and purchase. True, he might not be able to get a policy that covers him in one state and her in another, but that's not the issue. Our insurance is with the large provider BCBS but our policy is written that if we use it out of state the benefits are no where what they are here so lots more out of pocket. Call your local school (even if she's not school age) and ask if they recommend an insurer to the parents who might not have insurance on their children. There's usually a state plan that is more publicized in the schools and even in the pediatrics offices. Get the info. on a plan in your state that would be suitable for her and give it to him. He can't say he couldn't find one then.

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