Abnormal Veins and Redness Temples?

Updated on May 07, 2019
M.R. asks from Anchorage, AK
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We have a dermatologist appointment and waiting for an MRI appointment for my daughter... She has always had the prominent veins on her temples but now more so they become red and seem to have a bunch of little purple veins around it? Has anyone ever seen this? My doctor thinks she just has fair skin but I worry so much about this

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answers from Denver on

I want to offer you some encouragement. Not about veins and redness and medical issues, but about being the mother who's waiting for an appointment, who's fearing the worst, who's noticing symptoms, who's wondering if it's nothing, or the start of something - maybe something minor or something life-altering.

I have been there. Our daughter, now a young adult, was born with many troubling and debilitating symptoms. Some were recognized by doctors and were a rather simple fix, and some have continued to stump doctors to this day, even at the Mayo Clinic.

I remember the first MRI, when she was just a few months old. I sat in the waiting room, with her in her stroller, and I looked around at the other parents. One was calmly helping her severely disabled child who seemed to be about 10 years old, unable to verbalize what was troubling him. Another parent seemed to be very at home at the MRI department, smiling and greeting the nurses by name, as though she had been through this too many times. I couldn't help but fearfully wonder if this would be me, a dozen years later, being a familiar face in the hospital units. And I wondered how the parents still smiled and stayed calm.

I couldn't help but worry, with increasing fear, every time I picked my baby up from her nap. Was she ok? Was that a spot? Did she feel feverish? Were we seeing enough doctors?

But someone encouraged me to stop that. Kindly but firmly. We had doctors, our daughter was getting good care, even if her illnesses were unresolved. She was still our baby, and we needed to stop looking at her like a science project, and remember that she was a baby, a little child who still loved her mama and dada, who wanted to steal a taste of our ice cream, and was curious and bright. It was the kick that I needed. The person who encouraged me was our pediatrician. And he didn't do it as a medical professional, but as a dad. His own first child was just a year old and had just received a devastating diagnosis - his baby would not survive more than a few more months and his ability to see, move, hear, cry, and breathe would fade quickly. There was no cure. I have never forgotten that moment.

So, try not to focus right now on redness or veins or temples or skin tone. You have upcoming appointments and all the worrying in the world won't speed those up. Try to be patient. It would be one thing if no doctor would listen to you or refer you, or if you had no access to medical care, but it sounds like you have a specialist to see, and an MRI. Trust. Relax. Enjoy your child.

Even if the tests show that she has an abnormal vein, or a condition, or whatever, you're still her mom, she's still your girl, and you're going to need to be strong, and brave, and you're going to have to help her grow into an equally strong young lady who is more than her illness or diagnosis. It starts with you. You can either be the fearful mom who's dreading every symptom, or you can be the trusting mom who's fully informed of the symptoms but empowering your child to be more than a diagnosis.

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answers from New York on

Your doctor says there is nothing to worry about, yet you have an appointment with a specialist AND an MRI scheduled. Which is it? Did you badger your doctor into making these appointments because you "worry so much," or did he/she think they were really necessary (leading me to believe that the doctor IS worried about it).

Clearly, either way, you have a medical professional on board - why would you ask a bunch of strangers on the internet? I don't know about anyone else, but I didn't go to medical school today.

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answers from Portland on

I'm not quite sure what you mean.

I sometimes have bulging veins on my temple - and my brother does going straight up his forehead. We've very slim. Might go with our build. We have it on our arms, hands, etc. It's more noticeable when we exercise etc. or even if I lay down suddenly, it looks worse.

My fair haired kids have visible blue/purple veins in cheeks, eyelids etc. That's different.

I have some broken veins (capillaries) on my face, with little (tiny) veins around it. Is that what you mean? that's what you might see a dermatologist for. Not sure. Sometimes if a vein collapses, that can happen (I think).

Fair skin can be more delicate. I have very pale skin so it's noticeable.

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answers from New York on

You have the appointments for tests to determine if this is actually something to worry about. The Dr does not seem concerned. So try not to worry till there is a reason for it. My dd has fair skin and her veins are easily visible. My son's veins pop out and he turns red when he sweats. None of it is worrisome to their Dr and therefore not worrisome to me.

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answers from Washington DC on

i'm surprised you got referred for an MRI since your doctor isn't worried about it.

not sure what you're looking for here. you've been to the doctor, and since you don't believe him, you made a dermatologist appointment. good so far.

so what do you want from non-doctors who don't know your daughter and will never see her?

and what exactly is the MRI looking for?


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answers from Norfolk on

Fair skinned people will show veins more than others.
It's fine to have it checked out but when the results come back and say she's fine - believe it and stop worrying.
For my whole life my entire face turns bright red when ever I exert myself.
Gym, dance class, yard/house work, etc - I've scared people for years - they tell me to sit down for awhile - and it's nothing to worry about - my doctors (past and present) are all fine with it.

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answers from Washington DC on

I'm curious as to why you are taking her to a dermatologist and not a vascular specialist. A dermatologist treats skin conditions. A vascular specialist / surgeon treats issues with veins and vessels. If there isn't a vascular specialist you can see in Anchorage, an internist would be better suited to help you.

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