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Updated on June 17, 2011
M.C. asks from Raleigh, NC
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monday i had a 18 week ultrasound followed by having a quad screen test..and i got a phone call i wish i didnt get..the dr told me that the test came back for an abnormal screen quad test...and that the numbers were high for ds...i have to go in and see a maternal medicine dr..has anyone else been through this...i am really scared...im going to pick up the test results tomorrow so i can look pver them my self..btu i was wondering if any one else has been through this abnormal test and it actually was wrong?

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answers from Houston on

I am a member of another forum. actually the girls are saying out of all of us that were told we would have downs kids about 30 of us like 4 actually got them.I was supposed to have a downs baby but that was wrong. Doctors don't have these test perfected. Just wait and see.

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answers from New York on

Haven't read your other answers, but I'll relate what happened to my best friend. She got the same call with her first pregnancy. The doctor scared her with the worst possible scenario. The specialist she met with tried to talk her into an amnio and she refused on the basis that she considered it invasive and it wouldn't change the outcome of the pregnancy. My friend had to wait maybe 2 months to get a very detailed ultrasound. It turned out that the abnormal quad numbers didn't mean ANYTHING and her baby was 100% perfectly healthy. She is now a very happy 13 year old.
When I became pregnant a few years after this happened, I refused the quad screen based on my friend's experience. My daughter turned out just fine. I just couldn't see worrying any more than we mommies do already - for no reason. So relax and don't jump into anything. The numbers on those tests are often wrong.

Just want to add that if you do decide to have the amnio, that's your decision. For anyone who might think that anyone in the anti-amnio camp is a religious nut of some sort - there IS a risk of miscarriage - although very small - it does happen. I know this because many many years ago I attended a funeral for a baby that unfortunately was the one in many hundreds or even thousands (who knows the odds?) that didn't make it to term because of an infection caused by the amnio. Again, this was maybe 20 years ago and I'm sure the odds are more in your favor now. I will never be able to think of an amnio as a simple procedure because of that. The baby was perfect in every way, but the parents were told otherwise based on tests so they went ahead with the amnio. The doctors acted in good faith based on the info they had at the time. Do what you feel is right for YOU. None of us are in your situation. Please know that we're all here to support you.

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answers from Atlanta on

Have an amnio! You'll know everything for sure then. Don't listen to anyone telling you an amnio is going to make you miscarry or that people only have them if they want to abort a "less than perfect" baby. That's all anti-choice, religious right propaganda. I had an amnio and it provided a great deal of relief.

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answers from Boston on

Yes - I ended up having amnio on my first two children due to elevated risks of chromosomal abnormalities (Trisomy 18 with one, Downs Syndrome with the other) from ultrasounds and bloodwork (it was a triple-screen back then). Both are fine. False "positives" happen a lot - and keep in mind that the screening is not a diagnosis but a way to identify traits that *MAY* correlate to a higher risk of a problem.

The MFM specialist will be able to explain what the blood work and u/s mean together and what you increased risk is. Then you can determine whether or not to go through the risk of having amnio to know 100% or wait and see.

I hope everything turns out normal and that this is just a scare. It's a very scary and nerve-wracking time but for most people who go through this, the babies are OK. Best of luck whatever the outcome.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I know so many people who had abnormal quad screens and were so scared like you. Everyone of those people ended up having healthy babies. This is precisely why I elected not to have that test. FYI... The Pernatologist was quite certain my youngest was a DS baby based on the ultrasound. She had us convinced and even gave us DS info to look into. Long story short....my baby was perfectly healthy. Thank God!!!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I only had the amnio, because that is a diagnostic test. A diagnostic test tells you Yes/No. The quad screen is a screening test. A screening test tells you percentages of chance, but can NOT tell you Yes/No. So the result from a quad can not be "right" or "wrong" because it is not meant to tell you an answer. If you want to know if your baby has Down's, then have the amnio.

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answers from Reading on

First off, I'm sorry you got this news. However, DO NOT panic!!! The same thing happened to me with my first daughter. They told me on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. I had to agonize the entire weekend. And, to make matters worse, we were going away for the weekend. I had the worst time ever. My husband and I chose to have the amnio so we would know for certain. After the amnio, I was then stressing because I was afraid that I would lose the baby. There's a chance that happens. While doing the amnio, they found a bright spot on my daughter's heart so they sent me for a level two ultrasound. And, do you know what? I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl with nothing wrong with her. I worried over nothing. So, please until you choose what you want to do, do not panic. Some of these tests come back as a false positive.

Sending hugs, prayers and positive thoughts you way!! :)



answers from Chicago on

For those saying that an amnio will give you 100% yes/no answers, that is not always the case. A cousin had an amnio and it came back negative, her daughter has slight DS.

For my current pregnancy and my last pregnancy I had to go to a fetal maternal medical doctor for Level 2 U/S based on my age. I didn't do the quad screenings, but based on age alone I am "required" to have the level 2 U/S - at that they look for potential markers, etc and then you would go from there.

Try not to worry and just talk to your doctor and the maternal medicine dr and see what they say in their professional opinion, etc. And as others have stated there are a lot of false positives on the screening...

I'm thinking positive thoughts



answers from Allentown on

My quad screen with #5 came back with a one in less-than-four chance of Trisomy 18, which is generally incompatible with life. It was a very, very scary time.

Because of the timing of my test, I just made the window for CVS testing, otherwise I would have had to wait several weeks for an amnio (which I think starts at 18 weeks, but I could be wrong). My CVS was done abdominally. The difference was that they took a sample from the placenta instead of the amniotic fluid.

We were required to meet with a geneticist beforehand to go over our genetic history, the facts of Trisomy 18, and the risks of CVS. She was fabulous. But I have to admit she wasn't really able to hide her surprise at how high the screening's odds were.

The test was uncomfortable, but nothing compared to the emotions already swirling. Dh and I were comfortable with the slight risk of miscarriage, since the disorder itself would be so severe.

We were all shocked and relieved (but mostly shocked!) when the test came back with perfectly matched up chromosomes. #5 is almost 6 months old now, and amazing.

Find out exactly what your results were. Talk to your doctor. Make the right decisions FOR YOUR FAMILY. Most of all, try to stay calm. A screening just gives odds, and they're almost always in your favor!



answers from Peoria on

Yes. I had a positive marker. No, my child (3) does not have any type of genetic abnormality. At the time, for my age, the risk factors were around 1:100.
I was able to gain peace mind when I thought of that statistic like this: To say that my baby had a 1 in 100 chance of defect, they have to have 99 tests that were "false positives".
Our specialist put it in perspective when he explained the daily risks we take. There is a greater chance of being hit by a car than genetic defect, yet we continue to cross the street each day.
Perceived risk, is it worth it? The joy of being a mother....always!



answers from Chicago on

M. don't be scared i went through the same thing a year go, my test came out postive, and the end everything was just find with my baby.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I feel for you. My doc called right after my quad screen at 16 weeks and I tested high for SB. Fortunately we could get in to the anatomy/measurements ultrasound (the one they normally do about 20 weeks) in about 5 days, and were able to see the spine and brain are okay and rule out most other things that can cause the same results, but it was a very nerve-wracking 5 days.

While I was waiting I did a ton of internet research on SB ... not always a good idea because you will find the worst possible that way, but I also found some really good things that let me realize I could cope. One place (I think it may have been here) had a story of a woman who tested high for ds and baby was normal.
Remember, these tests are only screening. High levels doesn't mean your baby has ds, just that there is more of a chance. As I recall, there are more tests they can do now to get a clearer picture of what is happening. And, like I found regarding SB, in the event that you end up with a baby who has ds remember that there is a wide variation and many people who have a great life even with downs. So the biggest thing is to not freak yourself out! (Hard, I KNOW)

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