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Updated on January 16, 2008
V.D. asks from Bradner, OH
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Hello. I just got a call from my OBGYN and was informed that my most recent pap test came back abnormal. They sent it out for HPV testing and that came back negative. I did have HPV about 6 years ago. They are calling it ASCUS. I asked her if it was serious and she said not right now, my dr. didn't want to see me again for another year. And I asked about us trying to have another baby right now and she said it was fine. This is the first time I've ever heard of this. Has anyone else had to deal with this? Is it okay, nothing to worry about? Will it progress to more?? Any advice, I was a bit freaked out. I'm doing some research on the internet but would love to hear from someone that might of dealt w/ it.
Thanks again,

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answers from Cleveland on

I had a abnormal pap when i was about 22. So i had to see my doctor every 3-4 months within in a year to make sure everything was okay. I'm surprised your dr. didn't want to see you for another year. Maybe a 2nd opinion?? i hope everything would be okay, but if your dr. is not freaking out you would hope and trust that she knows what is best for you.



answers from Cleveland on

I really wouldn't worry too much. it's when your pap come by high risk that you'd need to worry or if you had HPV again. HPV usually starts off as genital warts and grows into something more if left untreated. in which case it would not be good to get pregnant. but i think you're in the clear. even people with high risk results go through a lot more before being really concerned. if it came back with melanoma then definitely be worried. but like i said, you're pretty much in the clear. pap results are tricky b/c any extra bacteria on the smear make it look like an abnormal pap. i worked for an ob-gyn for 5 yrs until i became a SAHM. so fortunately i know A LOT about this subject.



answers from Indianapolis on

I have had HPV too - and from what i understand, you always have it - it just is more active at times - and, yes - it can possibly lead to cervical cancer and other things - but many people just carry it for years. as long as you're getting checked regularly, they can catch something really early. but it will not hurt your baby.



answers from Cleveland on

I did google search on this and found this link...


What Do ASCUS Pap Smears Mean?
An ASCUS pap smear result is considered to be mildly abnormal. This is the most common type of abnormal Pap smear. ASCUS stands for Atypical Cells of Undetermined Significance,and basically means there were mild cellular changes and the the cause in unknown.

The first step in managing an ASCUS Pap smear is to repeat the Pap test. Many times a slight infection or cervical inflammation may causes a Pap to come back as ASCUS. The Pap may be repeated immediately or within 4-6 months. The doctor may prescribe an antibiotic to clear up any possible infection prior to the repeat Pap.

Remember to not have sex, douche, or use tampons 24-48 hours prior to the Pap smear test. These can often give false results.

The bottom line is that there is no immediate cervical cancer risk in an ASCUS Pap smear.



answers from Columbus on

I had an abnormal pap about 5 years ago at age 22. They had me come back every 3 months to make sure all was well. I had 2 more before they came back normal again. From what i've heard, this is very common. I know A LOT of people who've had abnormal paps. Several friends, my mom, even my grandmother have had this. After my 1st bout at age 22, I got married and went on to have 2 daughters. During my pregnancy with my oldest daughter, I had an abnormal pap again, which they contributed to a yeast infection.
Now, it's not even something that comes up when I see my OB. I wouldn't worry about getting pregnant. I say keep trying and do not worry.



answers from Wheeling on

Abnormal pap test results are pretty common and can happen from a lot of different causes: sex the night before, yeast infection, HPV, and yes, even pre-cancerous cells.

It sounds like yours isn't too serious, which is a good thing.
I wouldn't worry about it unless you start having other issues like abnormal periods or severe pain in the area of your reproductive organs.

I've had several abnormal tests through the years with no ill side effects. It just makes you take getting your yearly exam much more seriously.



answers from Louisville on

I have had a few paps come back abnormal and if i remember correctly i had an infection at the time and that was what was throwing it off.... i woundnt worry about it!



answers from Dayton on

I too had this HPV. It kind of freaks you out when the nurse calls to tell you that you had an abnormal pap and it can cause cervical cancer, then say the doctor wants to see you in 4 months. Um...I am sorry. What??!! So I UNDERSTAND perfectly because, I too, have a 2 1/2 yr old son and wanted to start on the 2nd one.

Aparently, after finally seeing my doctor, anything can trigger your pap. It can be anything from some abnormal cells, which he was keeping a close eye on. (My mother has been diagnosed and treated twice with Breast Cancer and has fought it. So he knows my medical history.) He wanted to make sure that there was no other abnormal growth. So he kept checking me 2 more times after that. He said eventually your body will just fight it off. Like it can just be bacteria, rather than an infection.

My thought initially was why after a year of having my son, did that not come up sooner? He said it is always there, it is just something that is hit or miss. You would never "feel" it or any symptoms. He told me to carry on and not to worry about it.

I trust him enough to know that he won't steer me wrong. He was the one who found the lump in my mom's breast the first time and didn't trust the mamogram she had done. So I think I am safe to say he is trustworthy.

Since then I have had 2 paps, they are fine. No worries. So trying to work on #2.

You will be fine!

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