Abdominal Hernia from Pregnancy

Updated on July 14, 2009
A.T. asks from Campbell, CA
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Hello Moms,
I am wondering if any of you ever developed a hernia when pregnant, and if so, did you do anything for it, and what? If you left it alone, did it cause any complications later..particularly if you had a second baby?

When I was pregnant, I carried my baby so far out that it caused my stomach muscles to spread apart. My baby was delivered my cesarean. My midwife told me to do stomach exercises and that would help bring the muscles closer together to heal. Nine months after birth, my stomach still protrudes. I read that most people have surgery to fix this type of hernia. I haven't found anything in my research that talks about other methods of healing. I was hoping that I could do physical therapy for it, or something else non-surgical. I also read that if it is left alone, that it could create complications in the future, and with the next pregnancy. I want to avoid surgery if possible, for I've had many in the past, and am super sensitive to pain and to medications. Any information or sharing of experiences would be greatly appreciated!!!

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So What Happened?

I just wanted to thank everyone for sharing your similar experiences and for the advice and wonderful support!
I went to the doctor to get it checked out because I was unsure whether there was an actual hole or if the muscles were just spread apart. After an examination, he said there was A LOT of muscle weakness (more than most people have), and the muscles were apart, but no hole. This was good news. He did say that I can decrease the protrusion with abdominal exercises, but only to a certain degree. Also if I'm not able to strengthen much, then an actual hernia could develop if I have a second baby. So anyway, it was good to get more info and now I know what to do! Hope it gets easier, it's been pretty hard to do so far! Thanks again everyone, you all are great. =)

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I have read testemonies from people who claimed that they took copper and the tissue repaired itself over several months.

Be careful taking supplements until you know iof you are deficient or not.

Fulvic acid is safe and has 60 trace minerals.

high in copper: calf liver, sesame seeds,raw cashews,molasses, asparagus, using copper cookware.

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hi A. -
i had an abdominal hernia post-c-section-pregnancy, had a surgical repair (stitch up, no patch) - and have LOTS to say but first i wanted to make sure you've been diagnosed with an actual hernia (an actual hole in your lining that internal organs/"stuff" is coming out of) or is it just the pooch from where your muscles aren't meeting together?
looking forward to having more communication with you about this!



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Hi A.,
After my 1st pregnancy (c-sect), my muscles did not go back together as they normally would. So, when I use those abdominal muscles, - I have kind of a protrusion in the middle of my stomach. This is the hernia. My 2nd pregnancy, my stomach was huge. The baby was similar weight to 1st child, but she protruded so much further forward. The 2nd preg was also c-sect. I lost weight between the 2 kids, but have not lost the weight from this 2nd child. I keep hoping that it will not protrude so much once I do loose the weight. My obgyn said that it could be rectified with surgery (I even looked it up online at one time), but there were no long term complications with doing nothing and aging. I was concerned it would injure my back or other organs in the long run. It does not normally bother me (as I'm not wearing bikini's anyway- or short t-shirts), so I'm leaving it alone for now. Once I'm thinner, maybe it will bug me, but so far I look at it as another quirk from pregnancy. I hope this helps. Good luck!!! -D.



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dont know if its the same, but i got an ummbilical hernia with first pregnancy. it was not so bad, in fact didnt even realize that is what it was (just thought it was belly button protrusion in last trimester) and then when i got pregnant 2 years later my hernia came back around 3 months in. i am a strong, fit person with a few extra pounds on my frame -- ok, maybe 10 or 15. i can say that for me the hernia was noticeable and affected my reality. i am under the impression nothing can be done short of surgery. i decided to walk briskly regularly, with good posture, to try to strengthen my core some. i also pop my hernia back under the muscle wall when my tummy gets sore. it helps greatly. mine only protrudes about an inch when its out, but it can make me sore! it was an issue throughout, but basically it was tolerable and i dealt. (btw: i work long days on my feet so i was not exactly being gentle on my body during either preg) point is for me -- slight first time, moderate second time, there will be no third time, partly b/c i know it is a strain and i am not ready for surgery either. if you will want another baby my recommendation is to get into milkd exercise to keep your weight good and keep your core strong.



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I had a surgically repaired umbilical hernia. Surgery was a breeze, outpatient. Prior to surgery I walked around with a constant feeling that someone had slammed one of those big 1950 medicine balls into my stomach, so needless to say surgery provided much relief. My only advice, if you go forward with surgery: talk to your dr. about patch vs. no patch and how this decision should be influenced by whether or not you plan more kids. My dr. explained it as this: if you plan more kids, chances are even a surgically repaired hernia is going to tear again. If there is a patch, the tear is bigger with the next pregnancy because the whole patch tears off in one piece, rather than muscle tissue alone tearing if you do no patch. I did no patch, it's been 6 years, and no more pregnancies. No patch has held fine. I excersize and do ab crunches, etc., regularly. No problems!



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Hi~I had 3 babies and am a small, petite woman. After my 2nd, I noticed my tummy would protrude out. So after my 3rd, I discovered a hernia in my groin area that needed surgery. I asked about my tummy and was told that my stomach muscles tore apart from pregnancies and only a tummy tuck would fix it. Since I am so small, strangers would ask me all the time if i was pregnant or when i was due. I was so tired of that and no amount of sit ups would help it. so i decided to have the tummy tuck since i had to go under anyway to repair my hernia. I had 3 c-sections with my babies. It was a very difficult recovery, but SO worth it. i have a flat tummy now!



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I'm sorry to hear about your abdominal hernia. I had an inguinal hernia during my pregnancy that protruded and made walking a little more difficult. It was advised to have surgery but not concurrently with the C-section. It turned out I did not have a C-section and it eventually popped back into place and has not caused me problems since.

I did have a C-section in a prior pregnancy and just wanted to say that it took me nearly 12+ months to feel good again. Nothing really popped back into place easily so before having a surgery, if it's not urgent, maybe you can wait a few months to see where things lie before undergoing a surgery. Talk to your doctor and clearly go over options and possibilities. There's never too much information when it comes to these things. Best of luck.



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Go see a chiroprator who is versed in Gasto-intestinal problems which include hernias. Ours in Santa Cruz is amazing. No surgury necessary and the body is back in allignment.

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