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Updated on March 12, 2009
K.K. asks from Bedford, TX
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I have 16000 miles that are about to expire. Does anyone know where else I can trade them in besides points.com?

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answers from Dallas on

You don't necessarily have to trade them in....you just have to have activity before they expire. You might look at buying 1000 miles or signing up with another mileage program (dining or shopping) that can add miles without having to fly. If you're pressed for time, you can also donate 1000 miles to keep them active for another 18 months.


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answers from Dallas on

You can also donate them to the armed forces - http://www.heromiles.org/.


answers from Dallas on

Like Erin, you have to be active to keep them.

There are some agencies that will buy them from you. If you sell them you have to have enough for a plane ticket though (roughly 25,000). We did that a long time ago....sold them for $$$. That was before 9-11 though. I am sure it is not as easy to do that now and could very well be frowned upon.

It is worth a shot to ask though!!!



answers from Dallas on

My cousin had some that were about to expire, she called the desk to find out what she could do and they kept hers active just because she called in.

You could get a Tom Thumb reward card and link your advantage account to it. Buy some groceries at tom thumb every so often, you'll get advantage miles and your account will stay active so you won't ever lose them.

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