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Updated on March 13, 2011
J.U. asks from Williamsburg, VA
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We rent, the washing machine died on Monday. Our landlord was nice enough to made a decision today about what to do. She told me she is getting the Whirlpool Cabrio (top loader without an agitator). Does anyone have one and is it a good one? Plus how can it not have an agitator, isn't that the thing in the middle that makes the clothes move around?

Thanks in advance for all of the information.

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Check the Sears and Home Depot websites to see they have reviews. I used those to help select our new washing machine.

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I just did a search to get some more information. There are several different models, however, most of them got poor customer reviews.
Here's a link to one of them.

I guess I'm just getting old. I love my old fashioned washer, with a few settings. It was inexpensive, it works great, it hasn't needed any repairs. All this new electronic stuff, just seems like there's more things to go wrong.

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I have a cabrio and love it. None of the new energy efficient washers have agitators. It cleans just as well and as fast as it spins cuts drying time in half!



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We have a Cabrio and I love it. It doesn't need an agitator just like a front load doesn't need an agitator. It spins REALLY fast and works exactly like a front loader so you don't have to put the clothes in the dryer for as long. It also may take longer or not as long to clean depending on what you're washing. Be sure to read the manual before using, I still find myself reading it to be sure I'm washing my clothes correctly. You can fit alot of clothes in there, I counted one time that I washed like 10 pairs of jeans at the same time. Like someone said below, this also senses how much water you'll need. This can be a hassle if you overload it so be aware that you DON'T fill it to high (again read the manual). Also, if it gets off balance it also senses that and will try to correct itself. It will try to fix this 2-3 times and if it's unable it will stop and wait for you to readjust it. Since it is a "front loader" type machine it also needs High Efficiency detergent, which isn't anymore expensive than the regular stuff; however this means if you have regular detergents you have to find a new home for them. Hope you enjoy your machine as much as I've enjoyed mine!



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My washer does not have an agitator. You will LOVE the washer without one. Laundry gets clean, the agitator is not there to catch clothes and tear them and you can get bigger, bulky items in the washer. I can wash king size comforters in mine. I will never have a washer with an agitatir again.



answers from Lynchburg on

I'm another one who has the Cabrio. We bought it last spring or summer when our washer died. I also LOVE it! Didn't realize how bad the other washer was until I started using this one! Also didn't realize how small the drum on the other was. Also the agitator did take up space too. Now I can do 2 loads of laundry in what used to take 4-5. It's been great! We're so happy with ours. Sometimes we joke about the sound, and how it sounded like an airplane or helicopter or something, but we got used to it quickly. Hope you like it, too!

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