A Walker Disaster !!

Updated on July 03, 2010
F.D. asks from Spring Hill, FL
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So today I decided to build the walker/bouncer my son has. Well..I thought it was awesome.. It was the car one. and He is 4 months now. Well took me a little bit to piece every single part together...and they have it where he can just hang in there and he doesn't have to move he can just bounce and play, so I was like this is okay, he is old enough for this! Well I finally finish and put him in it, and he just looked like he had no clue what to do..didn't know what was going on, and then looked at me like " Mom if you don't take me out of here in 5 seconds I am gonna scream!" SO I did. Is 4 months just way to early for stuff like that !?!? Comments MOMS!! <3

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answers from Chicago on

My daughter was 4 months old when we started putting her in the bouncer. She was still little for it so we had to put a blanket around her while she was in it. We started out putting her in it for about 5 minutes at a time and slower bumped up the time. She is 7 months old now and loves being in it!! She bounces like there is no tomorrow. She smiles and plays with the buttons and everything. I would say to just give him some time in and see what happens. I know that not all babies are into those toys. Plus sometimes if there are too many toys on it then they are overstimulated very quickly. That will make them not want to be in also. We got something that doesn't have a lot on it, but that we could add toys to. Hope this helps! Good luck!

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answers from Jacksonville on

Maybe, try again in a few weeks. My daughters were too small at first so i put a stuffed dog on oneside of her and then they liked the excersuacer.

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answers from Portland on

Don't call it a disaster. Kids don't want things on our schedules – maybe what he wanted most at that time was contact with mommy. It also may simply be too soon to expect him to interact with any particular toy. Just give him a little time with it every week or two. At some point, it may become his favorite new thing. Just don't force it longer than he's willing.

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answers from Denver on

Hold your DS on your lap so he can 'stand' on your legs, if he starts to bend his knees and bounce on his own, he's ready for a walker/bouncer. If he just stands there or sits, he's not ready/interested yet. Sometimes kids are into it at 5 mo's some not until 10 mos or so....just depends on where they are in development. GL :)

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answers from Miami on

Take it back to the store!!! For all you moms out there.......do not put your babies in these walker/exersaucers. They strengthen the wrong groups of muscles at the wrong time. They encourage toe walking and retain primitive reflexes that should integrate. Keep your babies on the floor, ON THEIR TUMMIES! Just think of it as them learning how to read, write and be athletic. This is what tummy time does is gets all the visual, auditory, trunk, core and vestibular system ready for school. It gives babies DEEP core muscles to be able to sit, focus and listen. Feel your baby's tummy right now, if it is not rock solid, you have work to do. If it is flabby, fat, and loose please put your baby on the floor to work. This will make a huge difference in their academic lives later on.

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answers from Tampa on

As a Physical Therapist for young children, I would advise you to forget this toy. He is way too young. The child should be practicing his developmental milestones and getting strength in his trunk by rolling and arms by pushing up and over. This is something his body is not ready for. It is fine for short times when he begins to bear weight through his trunk . Honestly, I never encourage these - babies do best on the floor.

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answers from Honolulu on

he's too young.
These things also have age specifications on it, for at what ages you can use it and for safety.

I didn't put my kids in walker bouncers, until they could sit up on their own and well.. .and hold themselves up. At about 6 months.



answers from Cleveland on

I think we started putting my son in there around that time. It takes some getting used to and we started small. A few minutes here and there. I would play by him and help him learn what to do with things. It didn't take very long for him to love it!!


answers from Los Angeles on

I always wanted to get the car one. They look so cool. We started to put our baby in her jumper when her feet would touch the ground on the lowest setting. Even though at first she didn't know how to bounce, she stood there and played with the toys. We also attached some of her favorite toys to it. I agree with some of the other posters, its just new to him, start small and give it time. Before you know it, it wil be packed up in your garage and he will be climbing on everything. =)


answers from Kansas City on

It takes a bit for some children. Put him in there a few times per day and walk away and do a few small chores. He'll get used to it.



answers from Cincinnati on

My son LOVED his bouncer. I think he began using it around 5 months? But, however, I had to show him how all the toys worked and play with him while he was in it for the first month or two. I couldn't just walk away with him in it for quite a while.



answers from New York on

I think my oldest was about 10 months or so when we started with that and my youngest maybe around 8 months. Both of my girls wanted nothing to do with the exersaucers.


answers from Provo on

Oh heavens no. Its' just something new. My son had a jumperoo at 3 months and loved it the second he got in it. It helped that there was lights and toys. I was going to get what you got (combi car walker) after he out grew his jumperoo (he is huge) since it didn't seem to have a weight limit that I found. But no, he's at the right age to start a jumper/walker (And I hope you don't use the wheels. the other ladies have said what I would say so I won't repeat it.) Have fun! Also put him in and get down and play with him so he knows it's ok that he is in there.



answers from Jacksonville on

Yep, he isn't ready for it. If you push it, he will hate it and never use it. I am also guessing you didn't try him in one before purchasing it? Put it away for a couple weeks then try again.



answers from Boston on

I don't want to be "that mom" but please, don't use a walker with wheels. Between 1990-2001 200,000 babies had to go to the ER for injuries caused by walkers according to webMD.

If it's a stationary bouncer, it's fine. And he might be a little young, but just ease into it a few minutes at a time.


answers from Houston on

it might be, just tuck it away and reintroduce in 1 month



answers from Miami on

Yes, I think 4 months is a bit early - wait a couple more and he'll probably love it then. He still has some muscle developing to do before he can enjoy something like that.



answers from Chicago on

I think it's justTsomething new and will take some getting used to. Every baby develops differently, so may he's just not into it yet. He will. Keep putting him in it for a few minutes every day.

I know some people will tell you the horror stories of walkers, but I think it's like almost anything...you just have to be smart about using it. DON'T put it by stairs or open doors. Make sure you leave the level low enough so that his legs can always be flat when touching the floor. You don't want him learning to walk on his toes or cutting off blood flow to his legs by putting pressure on his femeral artery. You don't want his legs dangling because it's on too high of a setting.

Use it as a toy, not a "babysitter" or place to leave him for long periods while you do other things.

He'll love it soon enough. Our son also loved his Jumperoo...we got one cheap off Craigslist! His gross motor skills are ahead of his age. I think it has lots to do with him working his legs out!



answers from Orlando on

I started my son in his exosaucer around 4 mos & he did the same thing, until he got used to it. It's just a new situation, with a lot of stimulating toys, and it's overwhelming. Keep trying, and he'll love it eventually!



answers from Sarasota on

I had a stationary bouncer and I didn't put my kids into it until they were pulling up to stand on their own. And then it was for a few minutes at a time until they got used to it, and never more than, say, fifteen minutes even when they were older.

New experiences do take getting used to, but I don't think there's any rush to do this!



answers from Tampa on

I wouldn't put my child in something like that until at least six months old.

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