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Updated on February 02, 2008
O.Q. asks from Astoria, NY
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Hi all I was just wondering if anyone knows of or would like to start a babysitting co-op in the astoria area. I work 5 days and find I would like a few hours to myself on my days off as well as get to know other moms and their kids. My daughter does not really have any kids that she plays with regularly and the moms (sometimes the dads) don't talk with me at the playground..don't know why..

I was also thinking of hiring a high school girl for a couple hours each week but it looks like most of them expect up to $20 per hour. I am not prepared to pay that. When I was in HS the going rate was $5.00...my how things have changed.

Any suggestions would be helpful



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answers from New York on

All of us in the five boroughs need to pull together and help one another with this! Let's start a mommy club!!



answers from New York on

I would be glad to help you out im not in astoria but presently moving to roosevelt island. Maybe we can exchange sevices if you have hours available that I may need my daughter is 6 and loves children gets along with most



answers from New York on

I would be interested in the coop babysitting. I live in Manhattan. I have 10 month old baby and a five year old in Kinder.



answers from New York on

hey O.,

I am a 23 yr old mother of a 3 yr old daughter I live near the bronx I have fridays saturdays sundays off and would love to set up a play date with the girls gina attends daycare 4 days a week in rockland county and it seems she always wants to play when she stays home unfortunately I am beat by the time my days off come so if you ever want to swap when you need a break or a night out let me know ......

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