A Reddish/purple Ring Surrounds My Daughter's Anus - Does Anyone Have Ideas?

Updated on September 25, 2008
C.S. asks from Savannah, GA
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While my 14 mo was having her diaper changed, I noticed a really dark reddish/purple color all around her anus. Normally, it's a nice pink color, but this time it seemed almost as if it was bruised. She doesn't have a milk allergy, so I know that's not it. I have also not noticed her having any difficulties in BM's, so I'm at a loss. She hasn't really had many new foods lately either. Has anyone else experienced this??

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So What Happened?

The ped said it must have been some small type of reaction to something she ate. Since it went away within 12 hours and never showed up again, they suggested we monitor it and if it happens again to bring her in.


So this morning, the ring was gone and the color was back to normal. She is in daycare, but it's a regulated daycare here in Jacksonville and I can say 110% there is no SA going on. My husband and I go in 2-3x/wk and randomly check up on her. There's always at least two workers in her room and two in the adjoining room. I'm not naive, it is just not possible.

I think there may have been some strain of some sorts because a few days back, she wasn't constipated, but was crying at BM time (with normal BM's). I am still going to call her ped and check it out with them. Thank you to everyone!

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I am going to tread lightly here. I am not a doctor but I have three children and 2 of them have a lot of medical problems. I do not know of any medical problem that would only cause bruising around the anus, that does not mean that there is not one. I would assume that your daughter goes to daycare since you said that both you and your husband work full time. I am frightened by what you are describing. I would be looking into the possibility that maybe someone has sexually abused your precious child. Do you notice her getting upset when you clean her bottom? Anything out of the ordinary? Do some questioning and I highly recommend that you take your daughter to the doctor to find out what is wrong. I will keep you and your daughter in my prayers. I even had trouble typing this to you, but it had to be said, it is a possibility that you have to check out to protect your young child. I hope that there is another explanation but your description of her anus sounds like the possibility of molestation needs to be explored.
God Bless You and please do not take offense to my letter, just check everything out and protect your child.

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Sometimes children are allergic to disposable diapers (my first one was). How often do you change her? The time she stands soiled can be burning her, even if it is a few minutes. Washing her instead of using baby wipes is preferable.You can powder her behind with cornmeal, to help keep her dry. Also, consult your pediatrician, they are an incredible source of help.Good luck.



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All i can say is that I believe you should probably get your darling to the doctor. I pray that it is not what many of the other women have suggested, yet it is a thought that entered my mind.
Aside from that, she may be having some tough BMs, but not showing outward discomfort. My daughter would do the same when she was younger, yet I never noticed a dark ring around her anus. There are other medical possibilities and I hope that your doctor is able to tell you something encouraging. please feel free to email me personally if you just need to talk: [email protected]____.com
Take care and I hope you have answers soon to ease your mind.I don't want you to stress needlessly, but that is probably already happening. Just stay positive and get that little sweetie to the doctor for a professional opinion.



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I was trying to figure out how to say what I was thinking after reading your request and then I got to Renee's response and she said exactly what my first thought was. I can only hope that we are completely wrong but it's something that needs to be checked by her doctor and the sooner the better. It could be a number of things I would think but every possibility needs to be examined and her doctor can make the best determination of what's going on.



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Hi C.,

I was told it was fairly common in babies and it was due to *moisture*, also that is in an extension of an internal organ and that there is a natural darkening process of the anus from bowel movements. This sounds strange but it's not a place that we often look at as adults but the anus IS darker in color. Many adults endure bleaching of the anus for cosmetic purposes. Just take her to the ped. I'm sure she's fine. Best wishes to you.



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I would take her to the doctor - immediately! I just read Natalia's response - I didn't want to say anything to alarm you unnecessarily, but I had the same immediate gut reaction. Please don't get defensive, just have her checked out and remember it's almost always someone you or your child knows.



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ASk her pediatrician. Does it itches? Bothers her? ...Just to make sure.



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Well my 3 1/2 year old just had rectal prolapse that is where the rectum actually comes out I didn't think she was having any trouble going but the poop was always really big and hard. Once the rectum went back in it was purplish around the anus. It was really scary when it happened but no surgery is needed at this time she just has to have alot of fiber and we have to give her mineral oil to keep everything moving along. So if you can look while she is pooping check it out to see if the rectum is coming out. We are taking our daughter to a pediatric gastroenterologist in orlando and she is great, so if you end up needing her name just let me know. I wish you luck and hope that everything is ok.



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Hello C.. My first instinct when I read your question is whether she was sexually assulted. I would take her to be seen by her pediatrician and rule out any medical issues and if everything clears, I would look at who spends a lot of time with her and could be harming her.I hope that is not the case. Good Luck.

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