A Night Cough Only????

Updated on October 08, 2009
M.S. asks from Roanoke, TX
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Just wanted to know if anyone had an idea about this. My nearly 4 yr old started coughing about a week ago. We were in VA and it got cold one night . He started to cough and then I went in and put more blankets on him and the cough stopped. This went on over the next 3 nights as he would kick his covers off. We got back to TX and the cough persisted with a twist. He wasn't coughing because he was cold. He has NO cough during the day. Only if he runs for a while he has a couple of dry small coughs. But at night he starts coughing around 10.30pm ( he goes to bed at 7.30pm), and i have to give him a herbal honey cough medicine for him to sleep. At night the cough sounds wet and gurgly but he isn't coughing up anything and he has no discharge from his nose. No flem. He is not showing any other symptoms. Perhaps a very slight temperature but it went within a couple of hours. He just looks tired from the interrupted sleep at night. Any ideas??

Thanks in advance.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all your advice. I took him to the Dr that day just to make sure there was nothing else wrong. The dr diagnosed it as allergies he suggested Claritin... it works ok... he's coughing less and doesn't need cough medicine to sleep but he still coughs. I am going to look into a few of your suggestions to try and get the cough cleared up altogether.

Thanks again


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I would have the Dr. check him out. It could be allergies and the drainage may be running down the back of his throat making him cough. Our 6 yo son has allergies and that's what happens to him every spring and fall. We use a prescription nasal spray (the other meds make him a grouch) and it stops the drainage and the coughing stops.

It could also be bronchitis or a touch of pnemonia. My twins had a persisitent cough last spring and it turned out one had a touch of bronchitis and the other had pnemonia. I had no idea because they were only coughing at night and occasionally during the day.

I would have him checked out to be on the safe side.

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My son has been going through this since he was 18 months old(he's now 5). Our son's problem is allergies. I would put a humidifier in your son's room at night. It helps, but only time will get rid of the cough for good. We, also, give our son Benadryl, but I would only give medicine with a doctor's consent.



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Take him into the dr to make sure he doesn't have anything serious. The flu is going around and so is a pretty bad virus that both have those symptoms. These things can get out of hand if not managed early.

If they say everything is ok, put vicks on his feet and put socks on him to sleep. I know it sounds weird, but it works.


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If there is no fever and the cough is only at night I would think that this is post nasal drip. The drip is running down the throat causing the tickle to cough. I have this problem from time to time and it's so hard to get a good night's sleep. I would suggest trying an antihistamine like Zrytec at bedtime and see if it helps. Also I good nasal rinsing would help at bedtime too. We use NeilMed from Walgreens. It that's too difficult then maybe just a saline spray would do. If there is fever involved, I would then suggest seeing a professional for medical care.
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It does sound Luke post nasal drip. Ud you take him to the Dr and that's what is is then I would suggest nasonex nasal spray. My daughter stopped snifflung sneezing and coughing at night within a couple days of using it. Benadryl would only work for that night and zertec made her wild angry and mean.



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Our son has had that at night only. Are you using a nose spray? He's having drainage because he is lying down. Try propping him up on some pillows at night with his head up a little bit. Use some saline solution at night or get a stronger type of nose spray over the counter. He may have some allergies, with the change of weather it could be aggrevating his nose.

If it continues after all this, you might want to see an allergiest. We see Dr. Tanna and he's great. Our son is on allergy medicine and prescription nose spray. He's had the flu and is still having some runny nose and congestion from it.



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It sounds like he has something in his chest. Use Vicks Baby Rub on his chest and run a humidifier at night. If it doesn't clearup within a few days of doing this then call the doctor, he may need a prescription.

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