A Mole/wart like Growth

Updated on April 05, 2011
S.G. asks from Washougal, WA
7 answers

Well this is not on a child but on a 55 yr old man. He is worried and afraid to go to the doc, but last year it was not there and it started out I guess about this time last year. It is on his left side and at the end of his eyebrow closest to his ear. When I noticed it it was the
size of the head of a hat pin. Now it is the size of a grape! it has no color and it does not hurt he says but it sure is ugly. got any ideas what it is?

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answers from New York on

Drag him to the doctor. There are 3 basic types of skin cancer. Basal cell is 99.99% of the time not a big deal - they remove it and there's a small scar. I had basal cell removed from my face about 14 years ago. Squamous cell is not a big deal if they get it early - and even if not early it's not life threatening unless you ignore it for years. Finally, melanoma is the kind that scares everyone - and even that can be easily taken care of if caught early. My SIL had a melanoma removed YEARS ago and has had no re-occurance. Drag him to the MD - tell him to stop being such a baby - the sooner he takes care of it the more likely there will not be any recurring problems.

This is why God made women the ones who give birth - men can be such babies!

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answers from Eugene on

Last night I visited a friend who is a surgeon. Yesterday he was in the O.R. for five hours removing a melanoma that began at the eyebrow and moved down internally along the patients jaw.
What you see is only half of the problem.
Do not waste time. You live in WA. you are entitled to go to OHSU which is the second best teaching hospital in the USA.
Call NOW.

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answers from San Francisco on

Please convince this man to go see a doctor and to get a referral for a good dermatologist. I understand that doctors and diagnosis can be scary, but if it is a problem, he certainly does not benefit by not going. If the problem is benign and merely cosmetic, he will learn that too -- and will no longer need to worry. Many skin treatments are non-invasive and easy to use, such as a salve or cream to apply regularly.

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answers from Harrisburg on

Better to get it checked and have a peace of mind or closure, than to worry about it while it continues to grow!

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answers from New York on

It sounds like some kind of cyst. My son was born with a cyst that was similar to what you are describing, also on the outer edge of his eyebrow. It grew slowly, but definitely got bigger as he got older. We had it removed by a plastic surgeon when he was around 4, and it was found to be benign. The only way to know for sure is to have it checked out by a dermatologist - they will be able to determine what it is and how to treat it. Good luck!

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answers from Portland on

Go to the doctor very soon and get it checked out and removed. Any growths, especially something like that need to be biopsied.

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answers from San Francisco on

As you age you get more bumps and imperfections. Skin tags, generic bumps, etc. I'm 49 and I get them. It's probably not an issue but, of course, he should have it checked out. I have never understood the head in the sand approach. It's usually better to address a problem when it's small rather than wait.

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