A Little Present for a 4-5 Year Old Girl?

Updated on November 17, 2010
N.K. asks from Marblehead, MA
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We will be visiting a dear friend we have not seen in a while over Thanksgiving dinner. I want to buy a little present for her 4.5 year old daughter. I do not have any idea what she already has, so I am thinking something with a gift receipt. But they live in another state so it has to be from ToysRus or Target or some other national store.
We see each other about once a year, and I got her books and clothing items in the past when she was younger.
I have to say, I would prefer *no* princess or very "girly" presents.
Any suggestions?

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answers from Chattanooga on

webkins are really REALLY popular... I have seen parents buying them for kids that age before... kinda pricey though. Coloring books or those felt posters are fun too.

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answers from New York on

Board games are great and easily returned or "regifted" if she already has it. You could also do art supplies- never have too many crayons!

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answers from Minneapolis on

How about just an activity pack? Get her some coloring items...drawing pad, color book (you choose the content), etc..then some fun crayons (the Crayola Twist-able ones are fun), washable markers or color pencils (or a combo of the different options), maybe some stencils to trace on the drawing pad. Put it all in a basket (Look at the Dollar Spot at Target for a basket with handles?).

Stickers are fun too to just stick onto paper. Any other thing you can think of to do with or on the paper items. At that age my daughter LOVED at that stuff, and if it was NEW stuff, it would keep her occupied for a long time, making pictures for the guests, etc! I love to get these "basket" type multi item gifts for all ages..and love recieving them. My Mom was famous for them, and passed it along to me!

(BTW~my dd, now 16, is an Artist and goes to an Arts High School! First Gallery show is tomorrow! Yikes!).

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answers from Washington DC on

My 4y LOVES Strawberry Shortcake, Fancy Nancy, and Care Bears.

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answers from Chicago on

I have a 4 1/2 year old girl. She loves books and we have recently started reading chapter books so maybe a classic would be nice, Charlotte's Web, Mary Poppins, Stuart Little, or Little House on The Prairie. She also loves jewelry so I get her some bead kits where she can make her own necklaces or bracelets. Melissa and Doug makes one with letters so she can personalize things too. She also has a Melissa and Doug Alphabet stamp set she loves since she has begun to learn how to make words and she decorates notes and cards. Some 48-50 piece puzzles. Legos (they make ones in pink too). Board games or card games are always a hit, my girls love Eeboo's picnic game, tea party game, bingo, dominoes, or memory. Magnetic or paper dress up dolls. Toys R Us has an adorable make-up set by FAO Schwartz that my girls love. My daughter also loves music so CD's or musical instruments would be fun too. It is very thoughtful of you to think of your friend's daughter. Happy Holiday!

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answers from Fort Wayne on

What about a board game? Or why not just ask her mother what the little girl is into or would like? I think that would be the best idea. That way you know that she'll enjoy whatever it is that you decide to get her.

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answers from Topeka on

You could get her a doctors kit.

Kids loves those.

Or at Target they have a set of musical instruments that are stored in a what looks like a drum.

Also Crayola makes the markers that only works on paper. They even have sets of those where you can buy the markers with the paper.

You can also get her preschool type workbooks. I have seen some that are dry erase. Those are always nice.

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answers from Austin on

We have a game called "The Ladybug Game" we got it when DD was 4 and she is still playing it at 6. It's at Target. It's one of the few games I actually enjoy playing over and over again!


answers from Dallas on

What about pjs or a soft bathrobe and slippers. Everybody likes that.



answers from Dallas on

I have two daughters, and let me just say that a girl can NEVER have too many My Little Ponies. :)
*I like the book idea. You can ask the Barnes and Noble's staff which specific books are good for that age. They do a story time and will likely have a list readily available. My girls liked Fancy Nancy books or character books like Dora, Strawberry Shortcake and Caillou. Be sure you open it and browse through the pages. Kiddos this age have short attention spans, so you want to be sure there are only a few sentences on each page.
*Also, you might consider a sight word game/book. Mardel's, Target and Walmart carry them. It will help jumpstart her literacy training.



answers from Minneapolis on

How about a card game "Uno" is a great game for that age, then you all could play it together after dinner or something. Also a sticker activity book is always good.



answers from New York on

If you and they have a Barnes & Noble or Borders book chain near by I would go there and get her a game - they both have a lot cute / fun educational games for that age group.

You could also get a craft for her. Target has these really cute sock puppet kits (3 sock puppets per kit) that I did with my daughter and my 5 year old neice.



answers from Topeka on

I would keep up on the books~baby doll~Barbie~doll house~ZHU ZHU pet~play doh set~earrings/necklace~DVD~Christmas ornament~

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