A Legit Easy Way to Earn Extra Money While at Home?

Updated on April 12, 2013
C.B. asks from Keller, TX
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Does any one who how to earn or make extra money while at home? I work full time but am looking for something on the side to earn some extra cash. Does anyone know anything tht is real and legit that you can do?

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your advice. I guess I could have explained better what I like to do. I love to write poems, make big bows, decorate picture frames, make cute flip flops, I could make a bunch and try to sell them on Craigslist or make a web page ect! Thanks ladies your advice is always welcome :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

Sell things on Craigslist (just be careful).

Make things to sell on eBay.

Watch a friend or neighor's child for money.

Have a garage sale.

I sold my gold jewelry.

Recycled aluminum can (I found them on my walks, at parks just sitting by the playground, in the parking lot). It's not much but it was extra tiny

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answers from Chicago on

I have a friend who goes to resale stores (goodwill, salvation army, that type of thing) in wealthy neighborhoods and buys stuff that was donated for cheap, then resells it on ebay. Not everything makes her a big profit, but she does pretty well with it. An example she gave me was a LeSportsac purse she bought for $4 and cleaned up, then sold on ebay for $40, but she does clothing as well. I think you'd have to have an idea of what things will go for, but then, even if you can't sell them I guess you could re-donate and take a tax deduction. I've only ever sold one thing on ebay but I've bought some stuff, and it's strange to me how close to retail you can get because people perceive it as a deal. I was outbid on something a few months ago and when I looked at what it eventually sold for it was THE SAME as retail for NEW, plus the person paid shipping. People are nuts.

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answers from Dallas on

Www.rateacerebellion.com free legit website that scopes out work at home jobs. Alot of customer service jobs. However, it won't be 'easy' you have children and the jobs will require a quiet workspace.

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answers from Dallas on

There are very few legit options. Working is WORK and if you work from home, you are expected to have your children in some type of child care plus have a private office aside from everything else in your home.

Most companies will not start someone out working from home because you have to prove yourself as self motivated, self disciplined employee before they allow you out on your own.

You'll be recruited by all of the MLM/direct sales people who are ono this site due to this post. That type of job will require you to invest, recruit, sell, have parties and this type of sales is typically a hard pushy sale. IF You choose this route, make sure you read all the fine print... You may or may not have to purchase inventory and whatever you sell needs to be something that can be a repeat sale... Ex: you can only use so many Pampered Chef products and your friends, family and acquaintances will tire of repeated parties, requests, etc

I do work from home with our company. There is no way I could do my job with children underfoot. Once mistake and I could cost us thousands of dollars. I have to be spot on and focused.

What are things you like to do and are good at? You can always babysit, tutor, work retail part time, grocery, sell used items online, etc.

Best wishes to you!

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answers from Washington DC on


Sell unwanted items on ebay and craigslist. If you sell on craigslist - ensure that you meet in public and a trusted person knows who you are meeting, where, etc. NEVER meet in a building or your home.

I know you can do call center work - I don't have that information, however, if you have young children and you are doing call center work? they will expect you to have your children being cared for. They are paying you to WORK not take care of your kids.

If you have to pay someone for training - it's a scam.
You can try hiremymom.com - I believe on this one - you have to pay them for their services. I have not used them - so I can't answer to their validity.

Since I don't know what you do as your full time job or what skills you have, it's hard to answer this as to what you could do. Since you have a full time job - day care would be out of the question. You could babysit for people on nights and weekends. Might not be consistent unless you find someone who is looking for a set night for date night, etc.

Good luck!

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answers from Boston on

Working from home is WORK -- it's essential that people understand that. There is nothing "easy" about it, unfortunately.

Selling items on eBay is fine if you have stuff to sell, but once it's gone, it's gone. Same thing for selling your jewelry - it's a one-time payment, and once you're out of inventory, the money stops coming in. I have an acquaintance who sells on eBay for other people, but he spends a lot of time with things listed waiting for bids, and then he has the hassle of packing and shipping. It takes a while to be known as a power seller who is trusted and to get other people to let you sell their things on their behalf, if that's what you are thinking of.

You don't say if you have any special skills or experience that would paly a role here, so it's hard to answer you specifically.

If you have to lay out a lot of money to join an organization or buy a lot of materials, it's probably not legitimate.

The biggest growth in business is direct sales. It's one of the fields projected to continue to grow. There are ways to check out direct selling companies for legitimacy: membership in the Direct Selling Association is essential. That's by invitation only, and after a full year of scrutiny and examination of books, interviews with current and former distributors, analysis of the compensation plan, etc. Only about 200 of the 5000+ direct selling companies agree to be evaluated and then actually measure up. See whose executives are asked to serve on the DSA Board of Directors too. That lets you know that they are well regarded for integrity and honesty.

If you get into direct sales, be sure it is a consumable product so that people order continuously, not just for occasional household purchases or holiday gift-giving. Be sure there is free and ongoing training (ideally something you can attend ahead of time to check it out), and a non-competitive support system as well. Be sure that your market is more than just your friends and relatives - otherwise you will not have ongoing income. Look for residual income too with a strong compensation program. Be sure you don't have to invest in a lot of inventory, and that there is a business guarantee.

I work from home for a company with 25 years of exemplary performance. Some people do it part-time around other jobs, some do it full-time, and some work their way into full-time so they can quit their current jobs. But it's work. I set my own schedule, but if there's nothing in my planner, there's nothing in my paycheck. So be sure you are a self-starter and that you are not too distracted with other things or too tired from your other job. I had no special abilities in this field, but I get ongoing and free training, both on line and in small and large group settings. But I have to put in the time.

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answers from Grand Forks on

I sell our unwanted stuff on Kijiji and I babysit.



answers from Honolulu on

Sell things via E-bay.



Pet walking

Sell your gold or silver jewelry.

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