A Good Idea for My Father in Law for Christmas...

Updated on December 02, 2010
S.B. asks from New York, NY
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Hi, my husband is not here to shop with me, due to his recent deployment. I don't get to talk to him very often so and when we do it is short and to the point (I love you smooochie smoochie). Anyway, I am thinking of something to get his Dad for Christmas. I already bought his Mom a really pretty and so soft scarf with a nice pocket in both ends. I was thinking of getting his Dad a digital photo frame. He loves computer stuff now that he is retired so I feel like it may be right up his alley. However, it kind of seems like a gift I would give both of them instead of just him. What do you think? Would it be okay to just give the frame to him? I can't buy too terribly much since I have 3 kids to also buy for, not to mention my parents as well.... What do you think?

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So What Happened?

Thank you all!! I have decided to get him a digital photo frame! I know he will love it!

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answers from Milwaukee on

I think it sounds great.

If you want some other unquie ideas check out http://www.findgift.com/
It is the website I use to find all those tough people to buy for. On the website you can pick who you are buying for, age and what they are into and they website pulls up tons of unquie things. I have been using the site the past two years to buy gifts for my hubby and brother.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I think that sounds nice. :) I also liked the idea Mitzi had of a travel mug. Maybe have a coffee mug made with the kids pictures on it. Grandpa's love gifts from the heart.... what about a clay handprint thingie from the kidos? Really though, I think the frame idea is lovely. :) Have a Merry Christmas!

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answers from Rochester on

That sounds nice to me. We got my father-in-law a Leonard Nimoy autographed photo of Spock on ebay, which we will frame (not expensive) and my MIL a photo travel mug with a cute picture of our boys, so we also had a magnet made which will give my FIL to unwrap, even though it is kind of to both of them. I think parents/grandparents (unless they are already dramatic) are usually happy to get anything and don't expect much. I had my kids make clay ornaments which they painted and they are going to wrap those for their grandparents, so you could have your kids make something sweet, too, which grandparents love, even if it looks awful. =)

If he has a desk he can put up the photo frame, anyway, and he'll have fun showing off pictures of his family!

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answers from Phoenix on

sounds great and he will love it . she will too on the side :0) we buy my in laws different things and they share or not share.



answers from Washington DC on

I did the same thing three years ago while hubby was in Iraq. I also got an SD card and filled it with pictures from our computer with some of him and the grandkids too. I actually bought two, one for my dad too. They love it.



answers from Kansas City on

I think it's fine. I know he's retired, but does he still have a desk or home office...I know some people do. Besides, and not to sound sexist at all, but she might not even know how to work it and if he's really techie it's right up his alley. I know my mom would like it, but she would have no clue how to put pictures on it and turn it on! ;) So, go for it! Even if he doesn't have a desk or anything, it's still cool! Good luck on surviving the holiday season without hubby! I hope he gets to come home???!

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