A Double Birthday Party

Updated on June 26, 2007
S. asks from Joliet, IL
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Hi everyone. I have a birthday party question. I have two daughters, one turning 9 and one turning 2 - their birthdays are 3 weeks apart. I want to have one party this year and was wondering if anyone had any brilliant home party ideas. Last year we had separate parties, which was fine, but it was a lot within those 3 weeks. Any suggestions would be wonderful! Thanks

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HI S., My cousin has a joint family party for both of her girls since their Birthdays are in November. It is like any other party except that there are two cakes and two people blowing out candles. I believe she has separate parties for the girls friends.

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Definitely have two cakes. Maybe go with the theme your 9 year old chooses and hopefully your 2 year old will go along with it. If not, then maybe have a duo-themed party. One table with one theme, another table with another theme, one cake with one theme, another cake with the other theme. I think it's smart to have them at the same time if they are that close. We'll be having my twinkies (b/g) first bday party this weekend. Since they are so young I just went with a Happy Face theme and bought 1/2 pink plates with fact and 1/2 blue plates with face, etc. Also, if there are activites that both kids might like (pinata maybe) you could do that... or those jumparoo things. Good luck!



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I have two boys who have birthdays in October, and after the 1st birthday we started having them together. They aren't in school yet, so we haven't invited friends- just family. When they get older we will still have one family party and one for their friends. They will have to share both parties, but they will get to choose their own themes and will each have their own cake.

My SIL has two boys turning 9 and 2 and is having their party in a few weeks. Their birthdays are 3 weeks apart as well. They have their own themes and are inviting their own friends along with the family. She's renting a jumpy thing and having a pool out for the kids.



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We always have one family party for our 3 girls ( 9 and 5yr old twins). We usually do one cake, but you could do 2 smaller ones.

If you have different aged kids coming to the party, you could just have separate activites for each age group.

Summer is always filled with so many parties as well as trying to fit in activities you as a family want to do. My SIL's kids bdays are in April,May,June and July, and she also has one party for all four.



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Hi S.

I also have 2 boys whose birthdays are 2 weeks apart in October. We just have 1 party. We have 2 cakes, 2 themes. It is a family party, but I allow each son to invite 6 friends. It's a BIG party, but it always turns out great! And both boys are happy! One year they wanted a bowling party, another year they wanted a hayride, that was a lot of fun, just had everyone meet at Lemon Lake had the hayride and cooked hot dogs and s'mors on the fire.

Good Luck and God's Blessings




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Check out my home based business.


Moms like that we come to you and the children love it because it is stuffed and created by them

Let me know if your interested.




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I usually do my two boys parties together, and I have two cakes with 2 themes. It is so much easier for you, and I find the kids have just as much fun. I have seen the stuffed animal party done with a wide range of kids. My friend went to build a bear and they provided her with all the supplies they have at the store to stuff your own at a party at home. I think someone else mentioned Noah's Ark too. It was cute. The older kids liked it, which I would not have suspected. Another thing I have seen done in the summer is to rent a bouncy, inflatable thing. I would be worried with such a big age difference about having 1, so I may get 2 and have one for the younger ones, one for the older ones. Kids love it. It is a little pricey for 2, but you would probably spend more if you went and had 2 parties somewhere else- Say Pump It Up. You could also have it be more of a water party and have sprinklers set up for the kids, water ballons, bubbles, etc (skip the pool as it is a little dangerous with so many and different aged kids). That would appeal to all the different ages.



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Hi S.,

I have the same situation but 2 weeks apart & a boy who will be 4 & a girl who will be 10. We live about 40 minutes from all our family & I decided the first year that we would have 1 family party in July for both & my daughter would continue having a friend party on her own. It seems to work well because she still gets her friends and I only have to do 1 party in the same month. At first the family was like that isn't fair but when I asked them if they wanted to drive out 2x in the same month they got the idea. Plus since it is summertime, there is so much going on that I don't think I could find 2 different open weekends. This year due to hubby traveling for job & both grandma's on a cruise, we aren't able to do the party until August.

Hope this helps

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