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Updated on September 16, 2010
L.P. asks from Uniontown, PA
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I have an idea for a costume for my son, but we need a deer costume to start with, and the only ones I can find online are mascot costumes, and they are in the hundreds of dollars...

Do you know where I might find a deer costume? Or if we were to make one, any ideas? I know we could go basic with a brown jogging suit, or whatever, but looking for any other ideas you creative moms may have.

My son's 4 1/2, and wears size 4 or 5 clothes, probably about a size 5/6 for a costume?

Thanks for any sugestions...

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answers from Columbus on

What size is your son in? I did a search on Ebay and found a few but looked like infant costumes.

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answers from Dallas on

If you were to make one, I would get the fuzzy felt material by the bolt and use a pajama pattern (the ones with the feet and zipper) but I'd leave off the feet and hem the bottom and use velcro to put the white tummy on over the zipper. Since a costume, sizing could be rough and more boxy than actual PJs.
Good luck.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Here's a pic of a homemade deer costume:


And here's another:


Seems to me a tan or brown sweatsuit, some white "fur" fabris to sew in an oval on the tumme and some antlers....paint the nose black and maybe black "hoof" fabric at sleeves and legs.....

I got lucky last year--my son wanted to be a turtle--NOT a TMNT--a plain turtle. I was able to modify a TMNT costume to be a plain turtle...Oddly enough I had a very hard time finding a GREEN sweatsuit...so start looking for the tan/brown now! haha

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answers from Dallas on

the brown jogging suit and deer antler . You can get reindeer antlers for about $5 on amazon.com.

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answers from Dallas on

If you want to buy one, maybe change the search. Have you tried looking for a Bambi costume? or Reindeer? I bet either one could be modified to get the look you want.

I love making my costumes. But I am admittedly not the best seamstress. thank goodness for glue guns! If it were me I'd by a hooded sweatshirt and hot glue on some felt ears. Christmas stuff is out, so I bet you could already find a reindeer headband for the antlers. I'd buy some white or light colored faux fur, you won't need much, so check the discounted odds and ends area in the fabric store. I'd made a circle of fur for the belly and a tale on the hind end. I'd probably just pin the tail with a diaper pin (less likely to pop open than a regular safety pin) on so I could reuse the pants at least. I'd have my kiddo were black gloves and I'd use black foam sheets to make "hooves" that cover the shoes.

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