A Cold Thats Lasted for 2 Weeks

Updated on November 07, 2007
M.B. asks from Tulsa, OK
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I have a 8 month old baby and she has had a cold for 2 weeks now. She has a runny nose, cough and sometimes runs a fever between 100 and 102. I thought she was getting better but her older sister got it and seems to have givin it back to the baby again. Is there anything I can do to help my baby get over this and stop her and her older sister from passing it back and forth? Its been so bad that I have even gotten sick but mt baby seems to be having a harder time than the rest of us.

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answers from Kansas City on

My 8 and a half month old is going through the same thing. Doc DX him with croup 3 weeks ago and that's takes a while to get over but he is still very congested and wakes up every morning with his eyes crusted over. No pink eye though. We think it is a combination of the left over croup, seasonal changes, and the fact that we still don't have any teeth yet. We stick him in the bathroom whenever we take showers, use a vaprizor at night, an aspirator constantly to no avail. I think it will pass on it's own and all we can do is treat the symtoms. My husband and I are going to pretty much the same thing so as soon as the weather makes up it's mind I am betting this will all clear up.

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answers from Tulsa on

This actually sounds kind of like a sinus infection but the advice to sanitize your home is very good. Don't think that a sinus infection isn't a potential threat though. Take her to the doctor and get a clear diagnosis. This is a rare time when I'm all about antibiotics because. Sounds like you could all use some. Just be sure everyone gets some yogurt while you're taking them. If you can find it, Stonyfield Farms has a yogurt just for babies called YoBaby.

After that you need to train your focus onto improving and maintaining your immune system. A trip to your local health food store will help you out there.

Good luck!



answers from Champaign on

Hello M.,

Sometimes there is a sign of a cold - runny nose, cough could be from the ear infection. Please go see ENT Dr or ped and have her/him checked out. My youngest daughter who is now 2 1/2 and is NOW starting outgrowing her frequent ear infection. Whenever there's a runny nose or cough - she has an ear infection. The fluid from the ear drum isn't 100 percent fully diagonial and the fluid will not go down to drain it out. However so try to get your baby well by going to the dr. Hope this helps - However,,,,I give my girl tynelol multisymptons cough n cold....your baby is quite too young for that but best recommend to have her checked out by DR.

Good LUCK! :)



answers from Charlottesville on

Regardless of whether it's a cold or not, if a baby is running a fever, you need to take her to the doctor. It could be something more serious, like RSV.



answers from Joplin on

Hi M. B.

I just joined tonight. Is your baby feeling better yet?



answers from Kansas City on

Here is my advice.

Take all bedding off their beds and wash in hot water. Take all bottles and sippy cups and boil them in hot water. Take all their toys (if they are cloth wash them in the washer in hot water, if they can be washed- wash them in bleach and water). If they can't be wash in the sink spray them down with bleah/water. Do all the door knobs, beds anything they can touch in their reach that they could possible spread germs.

After you have done this try using a vicks vaporizer and saline nose drops, suck out their nose. Also have the oldest one blow her nose as much as possible. Also have the oldest one eat yogurt. After you try all these things and it's still not gone then take them to the Dr.
But with all the "superbugs" going around it is going to be harder to get rid of colds and things like this. Hope this helps you, W.



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you need to take her to the doctor as soon as possible...for that amount of time and her having the fever it truly needs to be checked out!...after that be sure to follow up with all the extra cleaning and tips that have already been given to help with all the symptoms and to keep it from coming back...make sure all her toys get a good cleaning too!



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A fever is rarely a symptom of a cold! Especially one that has lasted that long. If your baby has had a fever for 2 weeks you should definitely take her to the doctor. It may be a sinus or respiratory infection but will probably need antibiotics to clear up.



answers from St. Louis on

I use Ocean Saline nose saline drops the minute i see a cold starting. I wash their face w/warm water & use the spray about 3 x a day. I acutally start using it on all my kids if one kids starts w/ runny nose. It really helps dry up the mucus. My kids actually don't mind the nose spray now b/c they have realized it helps them breathe/clears up their nose for them.

Along w/vapor baths everynight (& baby vapor rubs) I will change their pillowcases ,crib sheets & wash paci's almost every night if they have a bad cold. Warm apple juice helps loosen their chest too. You can even stick them in the shower w/you to breath in the steam before bed.

If the fever last longer than 3 days at 101 or 102 i would call the doctor. Tylenol will help w/the discomfort of the fever in the mean time. Good luck!!!! :-)

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