A & D Ointment in Baby's Eye

Updated on July 28, 2009
S.K. asks from Seattle, WA
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Hi Mamas -
Just wondering if anyone else has run into this and what you did. Last night when I was getting my 9 month old baby girl ready for bed, I accidentally got some A&D ointment in her eye. At least I can only assume that is what happened - I didn't think anything happened, but she started rubbing her eyes and crying uncontrollably (which is not normal) so I had to assume she must have reached down and got a little on her hand in then in her eye. My husband and I tried to wipe her eyes with a wet facecloth but it was not doing any good - still crying like crazy. So we ended up holding her in the bathtub and pouring a small glass of water (not from the actual shower) in her eye as best we could, making sure she didn't swallow or breathe in any water. That did seem to help, she calmed down about ten minutes later and seemed fine through the night and this morning. I was just curious if there is anything else we could have done? Has anyone run into this and what did you do? Eye drops? Or something else? After she calmed down I figured it wasn't necessary to call the pediatrician. Any experiences would be appreciated! (For now, I am switching to vaseline or nothing!)

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for your suggestions and support. I appreciate all of it and will remember it for next time! The Bag Balm and breastmilk are great ideas, I forgot that you can put breastmilk in their eyes. Oh and as for the question about what the package said, unfortunately all it said was "Do not get in eyes" with no further info. thanks again ladies - you are the best!!

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Let me give you my favorite number that I rarely call : 1-800-222-1222

It's the poison control hotline.

They know what's an overdose and what's not. What to flush with water, vinegar, or milk. When to induce vomiting, when NEVER to. When to run to the ER, when to handle it at home. If it's chemical in any way (liquid, powder, crystal, ointment, or insect) they've got it on file and exactly what to do and in what measure.

Fortunately baby stuff is liberally tested and pretty much safe...because lets face it...if it's designed for baby use it will eventually end up in every orifice, on the carpet, coating our skin, & smeared in our hair. We'll end up breathing it in, pouring it on ourselves, and accidentally eating it. And that's US. Our little ones usually beat us to it, but eventually, we'll dose ourselves with every conceivable Johnson&Johnson product known to man. After all...We're running sleep deprived with little agents of entropy kicking their feet or cannonball heading us when we're least expecting it.

You did good.

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This happened to my son........I freaked called oncall nurse and she told me to just flush his eye with water and he should be just fine. So you did the right thing. Good Job momma!

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Sounds like you did what you were suppose to do....flush the eyes with water. Good job.



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You might try Bag Balm that comes in a square green can and can be found in the lotion ailes at the grocery.

It is a lanolin product rather than a petroleum product and has a similar consistancy to vaseline, but works so much better on the bum as a barrier for the diaper rash.

Hope all is well,



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You did the right thing, and Zoe's post about the poison control is SOOO helpful!
Also, A&D ointment IS vaseline but with lanolin (which is probably gentler than just vaseline) and some other emolients. My little brother ate half a tube of Desitin once, my mom called Poison Control and they basically told her that he'd have funny poops from it, but it's basically zinc (which our bodies metabolize and get rid of excess) and cod liver oil (yumm!). Of course this was before they added fragrance and parabens to everything!

It probably just stung her a bit (like getting shampoo in the eye) and you and your husband did the right thing!



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If you're breastfeeding, you can use breastmilk to rinse anything out of her eyes. :)



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What does the package say?

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