A 20 Month Old Boy with Red Bumps.....

Updated on October 12, 2006
V.K. asks from Lincoln, ME
6 answers

I have a question about a friend of mines son. He has red bumps all over him. They have been missed diagnosed so many times. They finally got their Dr. to refer her to a dermotoligist. I can not even spell let alone pronounce the name of the illness. But, the worst thing it cam be is PEVEC ( I think) I can turn out to be a cancer later in life. He has a biopsy next month. To see if he has the cancerous looking kind. This is very rare they say. Have any of you seen this at all in your kids or a friends kids? Let me know. Thanks V.

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answers from Rochester on

I just have a few questions about the red bumps, do they itch? About how big are they? I tried to look up PEVEC on the internet but I couldn't find any information. So, is this illness not curable? Hopefully the biopsy turns out ok.



answers from Hartford on

red bumps as in? do they look like bug bites? I am taking my son in soon as this is just one issues to his health. He gets red bumps tht itch and hurt (as if they were a bug bite) they have even been called that but because of his health he doesnt go out much so i know they are not bites. they have been called allergies and maybe still are as he does have severe allergies but i think they are a skin condition. Please share if this sounds like what you are talking about, thanks.



answers from Lewiston on

How long has the boy had the red bumps? My son woke up at 7 months with red bumps, I thought it may be chicken pox, Dr. had no idea what it was until I reminded her he had just been on penecillin for an ear infection. That was it, he was diagnosed as being allergic to penecillin. Thought this might help.



answers from Portland on

Has he been on an airplane at all? My son was 7 months old and we lived in Oklahoma at the time and flew to Maine to visit on they way home he was sick and had broke out in red bumps from the wrist down and waiste down and then he seemed to look almost blue like his circulation was stopped in the same areas I rushed him to th ER they sent us home...24 hours later we got a callto take him back to ER he had a bacteria infection that he caught on the plane....thank god for antibiotics!!!! Good Luck with this...

also I am so sorry to hear about your son and Happy that he is in remission... A few months ago my husband found a lump and we went to the ER to find out that he Had Cancer he is only 29 and never even had the flu in the 10 years I have been with him...this really shook our family up and opened our eyes to alot...thnak fully after surgery and radiation he is now in remission



answers from Boston on

Are they red spots that are smooth, or actual bumps??? If they are smooth, then it might be petichiae. These are simply red blood vessels that have burst under the skin. They will typcially go away after a few weeks. My 4 year old had it, they did do a blood test for leaukemia, but then determined that he was fine. Hope this helps . . .



answers from New York on

ok....I myself have errupted with this crazy rash all over my body. little red bumps everywhere...the dr says it's in my head but he is old and blind....the nurse said it looked like allergies. I hope everything goes will for you....I'm headed to the dermotologist(sp??)!!

So....just an update, turns out I was pregnant......

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