9Yr Old and 2 Traveling with 2 1/2 Yr old...need Help

Updated on April 21, 2009
V.B. asks from Waterford, MI
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we are flying to my mom's memorial in Fl (she just recently passed). I have flown with one before but not 2. Any suggestions on anything to make this trip easier with be greatly appreciated. I am freaking out on what I can take/can't take, should take. We will be gone a week.
We have a layover going and coming home too. And of Course it is either dinner or lunchtime also.

Thanks so much

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So What Happened?

Hi everyone:

Thank you sooooo much for all your advice on flying with my two children.Everything worked out great with all of the advise you gave. Now my lil one is sick(uh oh) I hope it is just a cold I haver been hearing about this swine flu. Scary

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We have three children. 7,4 1/2, and 2 1/2.
What we have learned is that we always end up bringing way too much!! Of everything. You will probally only need about half of what you will really use.Using a backpack is much easier in the airports. Also we have found its better not to stress so much during meal times in the airport. You'll be better off bringing with you cereal bars and such foods that don't need refrigeration.
Good Luck
T. K



answers from Lansing on

Sorry to hear that your mom has passed, When I was just flying recently I seen a husband and wife who had two kids and they were at the back of the plane and mom sat by one and dad sat by one the also had portable dvd players. My friend just travled with the kids and she made each one a special bag and filled it with all kinds of cheap little toys and treats and did not let them see them until they were in the air! Also I would try and pack light with the carry ons sence you will be hustling to your next gate! Good luck



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I have traveled long distances twice this year with my (now) 7 month old and (now) 4 year old boys. Here are the keys to success: travel light and pack what you can in your checked bags; if you are traveling with "medical liquids" (formula/breastmilk/etc.)as the TSA calls them, make sure they are in one place, are accessible and not at the bottom of your carry on when you go into security - trust me, planning ahead like that with little annoying things like getting stuff out of your luggage for security makes it easier; slip on shoes if possible, even for your kids - all shoes have to come off; bring snacks and things you can bribe your children with that they may not get at home (i.e. candy, cookies - special treats);bring little new small toys to keep them occupied to hand out before things get crazy - aquadoodle travel size was a hit with my 4 year old; peanut butter sandwiches travel nicely and fill tummies; DVD player with favorite movies (although we do OK without one); markers/pens and paper to color; favorite toy/blanket for napping (best case scenario is sleeping kids!) and **most importantly** --your patience. Because going to the airport and getting on a plane even when you are by yourself is stressful enough, it is critical that you leave yourself enough time to get to the airport, to take time parking, to get through security and to your gate a little bit early and not get frazzled or anxious - kids take their cues from you! I can't tell you how many times I have seen stressed out parents dragging their screaming kids through airports. Your trip will be so much better if you just find your "calm" and power through this - with preparation, you will have a more pleasant trip. I should add that I am sorry about your mom - good luck and safe travels.



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Snacks v. a meal works better when I traveled with younger children. It occupies the time. If you have a DVD player that works, but if you have 1 1/2 hours it might not be necessary. I had my kids color a card for someone we were going to see. I had some travel games (Connect four, etc). I would recommend bringing getting extra water for the flight as my kids were always thirsty. On the layover some airports have an area where the kids can play (like Atlanta). I would find an are off to the side and have the kids walk, run, jumping jacks or something to help them sit for the next flight.

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