9Th Ear Infection!

Updated on July 16, 2007
R.S. asks from Shawnee, KS
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My 13 month old son was diagnosed with his 9th ear infection this morning. They have referred him to see an ENT specialist to be evaluated for tubes, but I haven't been able to get him an appt. before the beginning of August. I would really like to get this taken care of sooner than that. Does anyone have any recommendations for particular Doctors or Dr.'s offices? We are located in Western Shawnee, but anywhere on the KS side would be fine.

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So What Happened?

Well, we got an appt. with Dr. Thompson. A couple weeks later he put tubes in his ears, and everything has been great so far! Thanks for everyone's input and suggestions.

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My 2yr old has had two sets and Dr. Brian Metz at Midwest Ear Nose and Throat did both. They are great but very hard to get into. I had the same problem with it taking forever and meanwhile my son was in pain. I would suggest having your pediatrician call the ENT for you because sometimes they can get an earlier appointment. I had a nurse at Childrens Mercy tell me later that if I had just gone to the ER at Childrens Downtown they would have had an ENT come in for a consult right then. You'd wait normal ER time (always more than 2 hours) but then you get the consult and can schedule the surgery asap.



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Hi R.!

I don't know any good ENTs, but I go to Johnson County Peds! They are right by Shawnee Misson Medical Center. They have a walk in clinic in the morning and are really good about trying to get you in asap.I see Dr. Decker, but have seem most of them through the walk in clinic. They are great and wouldn't trade them for anything in world!!




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Have you tried or considered chiropractic care or other alternatives to surgery?

Visit www.icpa4kids.org to find more info and a doctor in your area that specializes in pediatrics.


Craniosacral therapy is also an alternative to tubes. Locally, I recommend Nancy Lankston (www.heartofhealing.com).

Good luck.

Yours in health-
Dr. Alyssa



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We used Dr. Steven Ellis for my son's tubes at 15 months of age. He was great and even called the night of his surgery just to make sure he was doing ok.

He's located behind OP Regional, but the procedure was done at Children's Mercy South. It all went very well and I didn't even have time to start worrying about the surgery before he came out to tell us he was done!



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Midwest Ear Nose & Throat is in Olathe in the offices right next to the offices. All the Dr.'s there are great and we used Dr. Hannah Vargas. She did tubes for our son when he was just a couple of months older than yours. It was a very fast (15 minute) surgery and he has only had about 2 ear infections in the almost 3 years since he got the tubes. One of them fell out a few months ago and the other one is still in place. They got us in very quickly at the time but I don't think it is unusual to have it take a few weeks to get in to see a specialist. Very frustrating though! good luck



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I'd highly recommend Dr. Julie Wei. Her office is in the KU Med West building off Midland Drive and 435. She put tubes in my son's ears and we haven't had any problems since. She is incredibly friendly and was highly recommended by my pediatrician. Good luck!

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