96.5 Too Low for a Toddler?

Updated on April 26, 2011
H.J. asks from Fairchild AFB, WA
7 answers

Does anyone know if a body temp of 96.5 is too low for a toddler? She woke up upset around 10 pm and so i took her temp and it was 96.5. That seems very low. Anyone know? And I took it rectally.

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answers from Denver on

My kids vary day to day, and even our very reliable thermometer will give us a weird reading every so often.



answers from Portland on

personally, when my body temp is low, i know i need to increase my thyroid medication (for hypothyroidism). not sure what the normal toddler temp is tho.


answers from Rochester on

Your body temperature is lowest in the middle of the night, while sleeping. How did you take it? If you took it under her arm, in her ear, or across her forehead, it can be inaccurate on the low side, and you should add a degree...which would make it 97.5, which is ABSOLUTELY normal during sleep, as your body tends to cool a degree in "hibernation."


answers from Jacksonville on

What is her "normal" body temp? I ask this, because, despite what everyone says/assumes, 98.6 is NOT the "norm" for EVERY one. It is the average, really. My normal temperature (and my son's also) is more like 97.8. Always has been. So if I am running a temp of 99.9 it is actually much more indicative of something wrong than for some people.

I have often tested during the daytime to rule out a fever when my kids say they are feeling bad. If there isn't a fever, it is often in the 96 range.



answers from Youngstown on

My toddlers normal temp is usually in the 96's or 97's. She is never 98.6 or higher (unless she is running a fever). My temp is also on the low side. Perfectly normal.



answers from Portland on

98.6 is a medium temperature, that means an average. My daughter & I run on the cold side at 94. Males usually have a higher body temperature.



answers from Portland on

Everyone's temp should be 98.6 or just slightly lower or slightly higher

Have her see a doctor and see if her thyroid is working properly.


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