9 Year Old with One Breast!

Updated on December 29, 2009
J.M. asks from Orlando, FL
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I am really freaking out. My daughter is 9, just turned it in October this year. She has one breast that is looking like she should be wearing a training bra, and the other is totally non existant flat. I have noticed it maybe a month ago, but I didn't realize only one was forming and how large it actually was. This morning when she was trying on new cloths I could see it through her shirt. So, I asked her to see it and she did, and I felt it, and it wasn't hard. I said to her that she has a boob, and she said I know. I told her since she only has one, I have to take her to the Dr. So, on Monday morning, that is going to be my first phone call, to the Dr. But in the mean time, I am sick, thinking of all crazy things, like the 10 year old girl that was diagnosed with breast cancer. I googled information about young girls and breasts and I am not getting any information back, so I am hoping that someone on here has had experience with this and that it can ease my mind. Its going to be a long weekend!
My daughter is not overweight at all, nor is she underweight, so her issue isn't weight related. Any information would be greatly appreciated!!!

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for taking the time to respond to me...and help put my mind at ease..all of your answers really helped me!!! I can't Thank you all enough!!!
I took her to the Doctor on Monday and the Doctor said she was totally normal! (as you all had said!) She basically said that one was growing first and was bigger then the other and would be bigger then the other, probably always, and that most people have one breast that is larger. (Which is fine, and I knew that, but I thought when starting out, one wouldn't be huge, and one be nothing.) We have a family history of breast cancer, but it was my husbands grandmother, who passed away at age 55, so it really freaked me out when I saw it. So, anyway, my 9 year old now is wearing little bra's, and she is totally fine. She isn't freaked out at all, thankfully!

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I know this comes a little late , you've probably already gone to see the Dr. but I just wanted to tell you that I know from experiance that ometimes that just happens, it happened to me when I was little and my little girl (10) as well and it just fixed itself after just a short time....it's just one of those things lol I would not worry too much.....altho I would like to know what the Dr. said it was......

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I can understand that you would be a little freaked out! And I don't have any great advice for you except - breathe! Remember, adult women often have different sized breasts so I'm guessing she just is developing one before the other. I would definitely check it out but there are many other things besides cancer that could cause it. Let us know what you find out and in the meantime, remember things are rarely as bad as you think they are gonna be. Your daughter needs you to be calm so let her know it's probably just fine but you'll check it out just to be sure. I did find one website - http://www.007b.com/breast_development.php - and it says, among other things "First of all, it is very normal and usual for one breast to bud before the other, or the breasts to develop at different rates so that they are lopsided for a while. They usually even out eventually, so that the uneven sizes are not very noticeable. However, a big portion of adult women do have different-sized breasts; usually one is just slightly bigger than the other, or maybe has a different shape."

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It is very normal to be a little 'lopsided.' I always joke that when I gain weight it goes to my thighs, hips, and one boob. LOL! I am probably a whole cup size smaller on one side.

You could always get a training bra and sew one of those little padded things on one side. (even liners women use for breastfeeding so it's not too large........)

If you're really concerned......this may sound crazy, but you may want to make sure she has no soy in her diet. Soy beans have been attributed to thyroid sensitivity, etc... Recently a male actor (I can't remember who) even claimed that his breasts grew due to to much soy.....


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Hi J.,
I can't even begin to understand what you're going through. Having said that, many times girl's breasts develope at different rates, even to the extreme that you described. So, most likely, that's what is going on with your daughter. You are doing the right thing by calling the doctor on Monday, but try to put your mind at ease as best you can for the weekend so your daughter doesn't stress out as well. Hang in there.....it will work out.




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From what I have always read and heard is that sometimes one side develops before the other. It is not freaky or weird. It happens sometimes. Her brain on the opposite side might be lower and that's why it is not maturing as fast. More physical activity should even it out. Also I see you have a 3 month old. Get that child on their belly for most of the day. Prevent learning disabilites. Good luck and let us know what happens.



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I'm 21 and when I started having boobs only my left side showed it but after 1 or 2 months the other one started to growing too,and with my sister happened the same thing,i wouldnt do a storm in a cup with water for that at least wait until you talk with the doctor...it was normal for us..but good luck



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My left breast started developing before my right and is still slightly larger, not too noticeable but I see it. The difference was a lot more glaring when I only had the one. Most of my female friends (and most women in general) have one larger than the other, and I know of more than a few women in whom the difference is a cup size or more, in particular a very close friend who is both an A cup and a C cup. We don't see a lot of naked female breasts in everyday life (whatever the tv would have you believe) and therefore don't have a clear idea of what breasts actually look like. There are ALL KINDS of breasts that look all sorts of different ways that are all totally normal. And there was one girl in my second grade class who was of average weight and grew a very large pair of breasts. Very disconcerting for a seven year old but totally normal. Take her to the doctor, I bet he or she will say the same thing.



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I am over 40 but I still vividly recall being almost 13 and suddenly, over summer, developing! One breast, my right one, was growing and the left one did NOTHING. I am still lopsided to this day! My mom, an RN, took me to the doc and he assured my mom that all was well and very normal. He suggested a better bra, with padding to help "even" things out. I remember being freaked out going to PE class and changing but the padded bra did help! I wore it constantly! LOL.

I hope that's all this is but I don't blame you for worrying, as that's what us moms do best! :)



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Hello J. M.

I agree Mlldred C. she gave a wonderful website http://www.007b.com/breast_development.php about breast issues, I looked at website it was very education and very interesting information. I learned alot from this website. it is worth for you look that website. That made me feel better bec my breasts are not perfect since I was younger.



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It is likely that your daughter has estrogen dominance. She is too young to be developing but with our plastics in children's toys, dishes and hormones in the beef and chicken, our kids are developing too soon.
Check her tongue and see if she has red dots on the sides of her tongue.
I have written an article on estrogen dominance. You can get it below.
In the meantime, please don't let her use plastic products or plastic water bottles, only stainless steel or glass.
Use hormone free chicken and beef. Both can be bought at Publix or health food stores.

My article gives more tips.
I am not a health care practitioner but have studied these issues for many years am trained in fingernail and tongue diagnosis. Estrogen dominance is the core source of many of today's illnesses and should be dealt with.

Best of luck to you.




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Okay, Mom, relax. :) Easier said then done, I know... It's the curse of a good mother. That said, let me go ahead and say that I do not have any experience with this type of situation, except that as a little girl I developed in a similar way that you are describing. To this day I have one breast that is larger than the other and when they first began developing one grew and the other lagged. Which meant that in the very beginning one was growing and the other was not. Today it is not noticeable to others' (under clothes) - just something my husband and I know about. By all means, take your daughter to the doctor Monday morning (just try to stop you, right?) but meanwhile know that your worrying won't help anything and it may be (and probably is) needless. You're doing all you can by reacting promptly to a concern. So - deep breaths and calming thoughts. Your daughter can undoubtedly pick up on your concern and will be worrying herself all weekend too.

Good luck on Monday. :)



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I haven't heard about this before; but will say a prayer for you and your family. Try to stay positive, ok?

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