9 Month Old Not Eating... Anyone Else Go Through This?

Updated on December 18, 2007
C.S. asks from Erie, CO
6 answers

I've heard of nursing strikes but my baby isn't nursing anymore is is bottle fed and eating solids.
He's normally a really good eater but for the last 3 days we can barely get him to eat his bottle and solids. He eats solids a little more than his bottle. He's gagged a couple times and thrown up too.
I called the doctor and she thinks it's either b/c of teething or stomachache?
He's been happy and playful and only cries when we try to feed him.
We do see a little bit of his top front tooth coming in so I'm assuming it's teething...

Has anyone else gone through something similar? Does it last long? I'm just worried he'll get dehydrated.

Worried mommy =(

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answers from Chicago on

C. - I hope this is not the case, but i just responded w/ the following message to another mom's question. Good luck!

have you talked to your ped? My daughter has a food allergies called Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis (FPIES). FPIES looks like the a GI infection/stomach bug. The profuse, non stop vomiting starts about 2 hours (up to 8) after ingesting the food. Common causes are dairy, soy, rice, oat, but any food can do it. It typically starts when "first solid foods" are introduced, like dairy/soy formula, infant cereals etc. It usually doesn't happen w/ breastfeeding

Start keeping a food log, times eaten and then the symptom times. If FPIES, The diarrhea could be from continually eating the food. If it's eliminated for a period of time, then reintroduced, the delayed vomiting almost always occurs, then diarrhea. It's a serious condition and needs to be seen in the ER for iv fluids and steroids if dehydration occurs. Nothing stops the vomiting, just time. Some kids may go into shock, to we always go to the ER if she starts vomiting with accidental exposure.

If you find it's FPIES or another typical food allergy www.kidswithfoodallergies.org is a fantastic site

Here's some websites on FPIES

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Don’t Feed Her That! Diagnosing and Managing Pediatric Food Allergy. A. Wesley Burks, MD. Pediatric Basics. Gerber Products Company. Volume 2006, Number 115.

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answers from Indianapolis on

There has been an AWFUL stomach bug going around lately. My whole family got it. Eli acted as if nothing was wrong until we'd feed him and he'd puke in his high chair and again later in his crib. It was only at night, the rest of the day he didn't eat as much but never puked. The nurse put him on "gut rest" and I could only nurse him and give him pedialyte or water for 24 hours with 3 ounces of cereal for dinner. She said his tummy had to rest because it gets irritated and even if he's not sick anymore, he can continue to throw up. It made for a long night since he was hungry more often, but he was better after that.



answers from Indianapolis on

Hi C.,

My daughter had similar symptoms around that age and was diagnosed with GERD. Basically, acid reflux but more advanced, where her esophagus and throat were irritated so she refused to eat.

These were her symptoms,
Her breath was a little sour.
Seemed a bit under the weather but not until it got bad.
Once it got bad her voice was hoarse!! (I took her thinking she had a cold or flu)
She refused to eat, including her bottle
Drooled a lot
Woke up through the night crying (from the reflux)
Throwing up is a common sympton she did NOT dispay, she only thre up once and had so "spit up"

It's very painful and it can get worse, maybe discuss the possibility with your Dr, not sure how they diagnose it, with her it was the irritation in her throat, the medicine made her batter immediately but she gets it very easily with greasy foods, tomato based products, citrus fruits etc

Hope you find out what's wrong!




answers from Chicago on

Hi -
I've not gone through this myself, but just a thought - if it is because of teething, but you want to get some fluids in him, you might try a popsicle. I would think the cold we be comforting. Also you could make them yourself out of real juice so that he could get some vitamins and less processed sugar.
Good Luck!



answers from Chicago on

I agree with Julie D. in that it sounds like something a little more than teething is going on. I was just reading about FPIES last night and found that not many doctors (other than allergists) are familiar with it. And maybe its not FPIES or an allergy, but better to rule that out now than to just wait around and hope he gets better. Be persistent with your doctor. Doctors are trained to serve the masses. When faced with unusual symptoms, they try to fit them in a box that they are familiar with. Tell the doctor that you are bringing him in to get checked out, ask for a referrel, or go see another doctor. Doctors are only human -- it is in your's and your son's best interest to get as many opinions as you can.



answers from Chicago on

Honestly, it sounds like he's gotten a stomach bug and is tolerating the veggies a bit better than milk-based products. Poor pumpkin!

Have you tried just giving him water in a "regular" cup and helping him drink from it? That might help with at least getting liquids in him. You could try pedialyte too, although it tastes sort of nasty and my kids never liked it much.

Hugs to you and your pumpkin! They make us worry a ton!

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