9 Month Old Hates Car Seat and Stroller...

Updated on October 09, 2010
M.W. asks from Elkridge, MD
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My 9 month old is good for about 5 to 10 minutes in her car seat, she goes a bit longer in her stroller-- 20 to 30 minutes... And then fusses to get out! We can only distract her for so long with different toys... I see all kinds of babies and toddlers enjoying their stroller rides, and sometimes sleeping! What can I do?

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What kind of carseat is she in? Is she in the infant carrier type or a convertable one? My son HATED the infant carrier carseat, but as soon as we switched him to the Alpha Omega seat he LOVED car rides. We were even able to keep him rear facing until he was 15 months. The carriers leave them so scrunched up that it can be uncomfortable on their spines and digestive track (especially since they eat so often).

Like someone else mentioned, motin sickness is another possibility.

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Cheerios always worked for us. I would put them in the tray of his stroller and he wouldn't make a peep! As far as the carseat, he might be uncomfortable in it. Maybe borrow one to see if he likes it better. I put my son in his Britax when he was 8 months old and even though he was still rear-facing he was so much happier than in his infant carseat.



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oh poor M.!
This is the first of many battles to come. She's about to learn a new lesson that sometimes life isn't going to go her way. The car seat is one of those "non-negotiables." You will have to pick your battles in your life as a mom. This is one of those that you MUST win. Her dress, hair, food preferences... you can compromise. The car seat is a safety issue AND legal issue. The last thing you would want is to have an accident and have her seriously injured because she wasn't in her seat and then a ticket because she wasn't in her seat. Also you are more likely to get into an accident if she's not in her seat.
- just read some of the answers below -

I hadn't thought about the car seat being uncomfortable. Also, I sang and talked to my boy from the very beginning. If he cooed I cooed back. We had long cooing conversations! When he was a bit bigger I talked about everything we were passing, sounds of passing cars, colors of school buses, woofing dogs, you name it! And now the boy has an incredible vocabulary!
Now the stroller - to me - a negotiable. Push her for a while, then let her out to crawl/walk around and engage her environment. One of the biggest joys of parenthood is watching your child learn and discover the things you have long since forgotten how to appreciate!

Good luck and God bless,



answers from New York on

try a friends stroller maybe a jogging stroller.. see if she likes this one better.. my son hated the car seat.. i tried a friends .. and he loved it... so i traded for a week tomake sure... then i went an bought that one.. he was happier.. it wasn't as tight as the one we had.. and more comfortable and higher so he could see ...



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My babies were the same way. If I was going to the mall
I would bring a stroller to put stuff in and the baby for short periods but inevitably I would end up w/ the baby in a carrier. I really like the Ergo as it is the easiest on your back but a sling, bjorn or mei tai work too!



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My son also hates carseats and strollers ever since I can remember. Carseats he has no choice because he has to sit in it. Now that he is facing forward he is a little bit better but still can't last more than 20 to 30 minutes before he goes crazy. We try to bring him stuffed animals or toys but he would just throw it down after a while. We use the paci to calm him down and that works but we try not to have him use it if we don't have to. So if he is not using a paci regularly I wouldn't start now just to keep him calm.

As for the stroller, we gave up on it because he would just scream and scream most of the time so we bought him this buggie, it's like a car with a tall handle at the end for parents to push. He likes is so far but still can't sit in it for too long because he hates being strapped on anything. He is also walking now so for sure he doesn't like being tied down. Maybe you can try getting that buggie thing? We got it at Toys R Us.



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Do you take her out on a regular basis? If she doesn't go out often that may be the "problem". I think you are going to have to keep her in but for the stroller if you get one of those carriers that is an option.

Good luck!



answers from Washington DC on

It's possible she gets motion sickness! I know someone who was susceptible to that even as a baby. So maybe try avoiding dairy (or to be safe, any snacks!) 30 minutes or so before car rides and stroller rides.

Also she might not like the way her diaper sits in the car seat, or the way her clothes bunch up behind her. (Your kid isn't in cloth diapers, by chance, is she? Because my daughter thought those were too bunchy for car rides). Or she could be getting too hot or too cold. Touch her hands and see if they are too hot or too cold. Well, maybe some of those ideas will help? Good luck!



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Once our youngest could crawl (at about 6 months old) until he was 3 he hated being a stroller he wanted to be out and on the move. My ergo was my life saver he loved to be in it and now at 3 1/2 he loves his stroller again.

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