9 Month Old Food/formula Intake

Updated on November 20, 2006
S.F. asks from Charlotte, NC
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Can the moms of 8-10 month olds give me an idea of how much food and formula intake your babies average daily? My son's teething, and I feel thats part of the decrease in formula intake since the sucking/pulling from his bottle may aggrivate his gums - but in general I wanted to get an idea of other babies at this stage. Thanks for the feedback!

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answers from Washington DC on

My daughter is 10 months old but even when she was nine months old she would nurse in the morning, so i guess that is the equivalent to a 6oz bottle or so. Then later she would have about half a bowl of oatmeal with half jar of baby food. Then at lunch she will have a 4 oz bottle of milk (she doesn't suck bottles or drink much milk anymore, she stopped sucking bottles a long time ago but we still put the milk in a cup for her to drink) with 1/2 jar of veg and 1/2 jar of fruit. Then later she will have 4-6oz of milk. Then for dinner she has half bowl of oatmeal and 1/2 jar of fruit and 4oz milk. Then before she goes to bed i nurse her again.

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answers from Charleston on

Hello S., My daughter turns nine months in three days. She too is teething and its a touch a go with her eating. Somedays she acts like she never gets enough food while other days she maybe take 3 bottles/sippy cups. I was worried at first but my sister told me if she is hungry she will let you know. She likes sucking on hard things. teething bisects are her best new friend. (Only i have to clean her up afterwards) but what ever makes her comfortable. But like everyone said every baby is different.

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answers from Norfolk on

Hi...my grandson is the same age and even when he is teeting he will drink at least three 8 oz bottles during the day/juice in a sippy cup, and at least 4 jars of baby food (and sometimes mashed potatoes,etc...if we are eating taht at supper). He drinks more bottles at evening time but at least 3 bottles from the time he wakes in the morning till early evening when he is teeting. My grandson is also on a variety of baby foods (stage 1, 2, and 3) and loves puffs, teeting cookies/crackers (which we sit with him and watch closely when he eats them). It's important my daughter was told by the pediatrician taht he gets used to learing how to use the teeth he has. Hope this helps!

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answers from Killeen on

Chewing on stuff feels good to babies when they're teething! The normal guidline is an intake of 32 oz of fuel a day. A few bottles here, a couple of jars of baby food there. A couple handfuls of Cheerios, just whatever you feed him make sure he gets about 32 ounces all together. If by the time he goes to bed you discover that he's only had about 29 or 30 its okay. Your pediatrician will tell you that as long as he isn't drastically losing weight or acting lethargic, he's fine. Get him a sippy cup (NUBY makes one with a top like a bottle nipple only slightly harder) and see if he likes sucking and chewing on that better. Biter biscuits are good too, they provide nutritional value and something to help the teeth break through. Also, it seems convienient to slather his gums with Orajel or Anbesol, but these products actually make it harder for the teeth to crown. Tylenol or Motrin every 4-6 hours during teething works just fine. Most likely since he's 9 months old, he feels there are more interesting things to do than sit there and drink a bottle, so just count what you give him during the day and as long as he stays happy, don't worry about it.



answers from Spartanburg on

Around 32 oz of formula or breastmilk per day. Food should be limited to some stage 1 fruits and veggies, and teething crackers and really soft puffs or other foods that don't need to be chewed.



answers from Augusta on

I'm so glad you asked this question because my 9-month-old boy is a pretty erratic eater, so it's helpful for me to see what other babies his age are eating.

One food that he really likes when he's teething is large chunks of soft fruit: watermelon, canteloupe, ripe apple. It's something he can pick up with his hands (he likes to feed himself) and I think gnawing on it feels good on his gums and tastes good too. A mesh feeder bag works well for this, too.

It can be frustrating feeding my little guy - one morning he'll eat all his oatmeal and the next he'll only take two bites. I just have to keep reminding myself that he's big and healthy and he'll eat when he's hungry.



answers from Charleston on

Until 10 mths formula or breastmilk should make up about 90% of the babies nutition. At this age, I believe they should be taking 28 to 32 ounces per day on formula.

Think of solids more as practice than actual meals. I give three tbls cereal with about 2 ounces of solids for breakfast and dinner. My little one is a little bit heavy so my dr asked that we not feed lunch for a while (we are at 7.5 mths). When we reintroduce lunch we will do one of the stage 2 size jars for lunch (with a meat)



answers from Norfolk on

Every child is different. My oldest daughter was drinking only 25-26 ounces of formula each day, my son was drinking almost 48 ounces, and my youngest was up to 30 (if she would take that). The biggest concern the dr's should have is whether or not your baby is growing normally. It is possible that he may be trying to ween himself off of the bottle. My baby did that at 9 months and then about 2 weeks later decided she did not like the formula anymore, where as my older two were not completely weened from the bottle till they were almost 2 (they just didnt want to give it up). I think you could offer the formula in a cup and see if he will take it better that way. My baby preffered to have hers in a cup starting around 8 months and astonished her dr when she was completely off the bottle by 9 months. Take your cues from him. If he is refusing to drink from the bottle, offer a cup. If he starts to refuse baby food from a jar, try some soft vegitables (mine liked the mixed veggies from a can) and things that he can pick up on his own. Just make sure that he is not losing weight and is growing normally when you see his dr. Some drs will let you take your baby in and weigh them if you are concerned and they do not charge an office visit for it.

Good luck!



answers from Richmond on

Hi S.,

It really is different for every baby. If he's still gaining weight normally and acting fine (aside from the teething pain), I wouldn't worry about it. My 8-month-old has decided she hates the bottle right now when she's at the sitter, so she drinks 10 oz. max during the day. I breastfeed her in the morning and at night, but if she doesn't hit 32 oz. (and it's hard to know when you're breastfeeding), I don't worry about it. She's long and skinny for her age, but she's still gaining, so again, I'm not too concerned.

Also, regarding food, I disagree with the poster about Stage 1 foods at 9 months. I would definitely move on to 2 or 3, if not getting past pureed foods all together. By 9 months, your little guy should be ready to experiment with more solid foods. Anything that mashes, of course, is great. For dinner, for example, my daughter will have Cheerios/puffs, a bunch of peas (frozen and dethawed in microwave), and then a chunkier pureed fruit. Also, don't freak if some meals he gobbles everything and the next he doesn't eat much. From what I gather, that's normal!

Always talk to your pediatrician, but it sounds like you're doing great!