9 Month Old Eating Schedule

Updated on February 09, 2009
N.K. asks from Saint Louis, MO
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Baby #2 is 9 months old and starting to leave 1-2 oz in her bottles. For the life of me I can not remember what we did with our 3 year old.
Between 7 and 7:30am she gets a 8 oz bottle, midmorning snack, puffs or cheese. Around 11ish she gets fruit/cereal and 3 oz bottle , around 3ish it's 7 oz. then around 5:30pm she gets meat/veggies, she also has a sippy cup of formula only 1oz just to introduce it to her. She barely drinks it. Then between 7:30 and 8pm she gets her last bottle of 8 oz. So because she's leaving oz's here and there I'm wondering if we should do less oz and maybe an extra food feeding?? 3 instead of 2 times?? Any suggestions would help.

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answers from Kansas City on

hmm wondering why 8 oz bottles? I have 3 kids and none of them ever reached an 8 ounce bottle. They had 6 ounce bottles and when they ate baby food I made a 4 ounce bottle but usually didn't drink it all because the foods were enough. Your baby will let you know when she is hungry and she is probably getting enough with the food she is eating and the bottles. Do not make her drink every ounce as this leads to overeating. They know when they are full and if this is consistant just make 6 ounce bottles instead of 8 ounce ones and if she still seems hungry then add the other 2 ounces.

my kids schedule went like this at around 6 months-1 year but sometimes went 4-5 hours without being hungry especially the days they got a bottle for every feeding when we weren't home to feed them babyfood. Then they would get 6 ounce bottles every 4-5 hours during the daytime but slept through the night from 9:30 PM-8 or 8:30 am.

8:30 am 6 ounce bottle
11:30 am infant cereal, 4 ounce bottle or cup or sometimes 4 Tbls veggie, 2 Tbls fruit mixed with cereal, 4 oz bottle or cup.
nap 12-2:00
2:00 6 ounce bottle
5:30-6:00 2 Tbls babyfood (usually chicken noodle or something like that, 2 Tbls veggie, 2 Tbls fruit. 4 ounce bottle
bedtime usually 9:30 PM 6 ounce bottle

I can't remember the recommended ounces for the daily intake but think it was 22-30 ounces a day so if you are in the recommended amount then you are doing fine.

The babyfood I always bought stage 2 jars and did not feed them directly from the jar and 2 Tbls per item per meal and gave them 2-3 things for a variety so the jars usually lasted at least 3 meals. as long as you don't feed them from the jar you can refrigerate them and they won't get full of bacteria like happens when you feed them from the jar and need to throw the unused away or it will get runny and slimy and have bacteria spread all through it from dipping the spoon in with baby saliva on it over an over.

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answers from St. Louis on

At this age you should be introducing baby foods and feeding her normal meal times (i.e breakfast, lunch, dinner w/ snacks in between). My doctor always told me to feed my baby the food first and then give the milk - otherwise they will fill up on the milk and not eat the food. I wouldn't worry too much about it unless she really stops drinking the milk. Good luck.



answers from St. Louis on

Hey N., It's K.!!! I am not responding to this, but I just wanted to say hey. I was wondering the same thing with Audrey, but if you want to discuss then give me a call. It was good to see everyone yesterday!



answers from St. Louis on

My 9 month old is the same way. In the morning, he gets cereal, fruit, and 6oz. Some times he leaves 2-3 oz left in the bottom. Lunch he always drinks it and dinner sometimes leaves 1-2 ozs. I thought he was the only one!! He has been on the same feeding schedule for about 2 months now, so I am confused why all of a sudden he is doing this. I am sorry, I wasn't any help, just glad I am not in the same boat.



answers from Kansas City on

It is not uncommon for them to start drinking a little less when they start taking the solids regularly. From what you indicated, she is still getting 24 oz a day at least. I don't remember exactly what "experts" say they should be getting in formula but that sounds about right. I would probably cut out the 3 oz bottle with her lunch and start giving her a little bit of juice in a sippy cup. She should then be hungry enough by that afternoon bottle that she will drink the whole thing. You might also move that bottle up to about 2ish so that you are not giving her a bottle so close to the dinner time feeding. These are just suggestions. Do what works for her and you. I always found that at this age, just when we get it all figured out and I feel like we are getting into a good routine, they start teething or go through a growth spurt or something and you have to figure it all out all over again.

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