9 1/2 Month Old Not Getting in Sitting Position on His Own!

Updated on July 15, 2011
J.V. asks from Reading, PA
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My son seems to be alitle 'behind' in some things. He only just started sitting unassisted at 8 1/2 months. He also is not interested in eating any table food! My main concern is he isn't getting into the sitting position on his own. I can't even figure out the mechanics of HOW babies do it to show him how! How long after sitting unassisted did your baby figure it out on his own? He is also not crawling on hands and knees yet, but is scooting around. He is just on hands and knees in the last few days but just plops back on his tummy! Thanks for any advise or thoughts!

Oh and thanks......ped says no worries he is progressive fine, but we all know a first time mommy worries anyway!!

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So What Happened?

Well he's almost ten months and still nothin'! He is getting better getting on his hands and knees. I am sure I'll walk into his room Amy day and see him sitting there like a big boy!! Thanks for the input!!

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answers from New York on

Babies develop at their own rate. He sounds perfectly fine. My grandson
does things only when he is ready! Was breastfed and when my DIL went
back to work would not take a bottle!!!! Waited for Mom to come home.
Now at a year he decided it is pretty good! Before you know it you will be
chasing him around!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

As far as the scooting some babies never crawl on hands and knees, and they're perfectly normal. Just give him plenty of room and put toys in front of him to encourage him to keep moving.

As far as sitting up babies typically can't support themselves on their own in an upright position until they are between 6 and 8 months, so I would give him some more time and if he isn't doing it by his next check-up (mine had one at 9 months) just ask his pediatrician about it. Trust me, once he's up and more mobile you might wish he wasn't ; )

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answers from Las Vegas on

What do you mean by not getting into sitting on his own? What does he do? I ask because most kids and adults will get up at an angle so you don't have to basically do a sit up to get into the sitting position. Most kids do that when they start crawling so I wouldn't worry about it. Later he'll probably get on his hands and knees and rock back & forth. Kids learn at different times, stinks for parents sometimes, but ya jus gotta go with the flow :) For the food, I would just keep trying and try different things. Be careful with seasonings, babies/toddlers are more sensitive to that stuff than adults.



answers from San Diego on

Haven't read the other responses, but I don't really understand what you mean by not getting in the sitting position on his own. Do you mean he can't go from lying down to sitting up? That took a while for my kids.

My son didn't crawl until he was 10 months old, and my daughter didn't until she was 12 months. They were both on the late end of normal, but honestly, I was pretty thankful for it. It's hard not to compare with other children, but your son sounds fine to me.


answers from Redding on

He sounds fine, well within normal ranges. My neighbors 9 month old scooted for a while and then one day started to push up with his arms, then knees, rocking was next, then slowly crawling. Within 2 weeks of trying to get on his hands and knees he was crawling everywhere. Once they can crawl and feel steady on their hands and knees, they figure out how to sit on their own. They do it by crawling and then wanting to stop and turn to see something behind them, and they sorta let one cheek down and their bottom hits the floor and they push with their arms to sit up. It takes time, but not too much once they realize theres something more to moving. I bet by the end of July, he will be crawling and sitting just fine. Then you have to really watch out! He will start pulling himself up on furniture and walking soon...fun times!
EDIT: be sure to give him plenty of floor time too. The more he practises, the better and faster he will be. Some first time mommies just want to hold them a lot, and with so many baby items on the market to sit them in and swing them, some babies never get to touch the floor and learn what they should. Have fun.



answers from Mobile on

To make you feel better I am also a first time mom. If my son didn't hit a mild stone at the age said on the chart I called the dr. I know, crazy. My son did not crawl on hands and knees till he was 10mo. He "army crawled" from 6mo til 10mo. He didn't walk until he was about 14-15 mo. He walked for a few days and now he runs! I can't keep up with him now. He is fine and does things when HE is ready and comfortable. I am sure he is just fine!



answers from Philadelphia on

If your pedi isn't worried, I wouldn't be either. My son was able to sit unassisted starting at 6mo but didn't learn to get into the sitting position on his own until almost 10mos and then within a week, he learned to sit up and to pull himself up. They all develop at their own pace!



answers from Erie on

Just a quick response to this post since I just saw it... our daughter didn't get into a sitting postion very well until she was crawling - it seemed to all be linked to getting around efficiently... Of course, I really wish she wasn't quite so effective, as we really weren't prepared for her to be so mobile already ;)hope this helps...


answers from Allentown on

Hi, J.:

What does your ped say?
Just want to know.



answers from Boston on

How is his head control? I ask bc my daughter wasn't sitting or 'really' crawling at 12 mo and her pedi kept blowing it off bc she was a premie. Turned out she has torticollis, weak neck on one side which delayed all her gross motor. Mommy's instinct...I should have listened to it.

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