8Yr Old Frequent Urination

Updated on February 25, 2007
L.L. asks from Olathe, KS
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My 8 year old son has been urinating alot, sometimes 5 times in one hour! He doesn't drink a lot of liquids and this problem has gotten worse over the last few months. We went to our Dr. and he tested (-) for diabetes and urinary infection. He was placed on a spastic bladder med for the last two weeks which isn't helping. We go back to the Dr. on March 3rd but I was wondering if anyone else has had experiance with this - any ideas on what this could be? I just can't wait a whole week to know different possibilities!


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answers from Kansas City on

I have an 8 yr old as well and we still go through this occasionally. Sometimes he has frequent urination and sometimes he wets the bed, even when we cut him off from having liquids at 7pm. I have talked to the Dr. about this and we have determined it is stress related. My son is very sensitive and has a tendency to over-analyze things. He hasn't seen his biological father for about 3 years now, but he has a step-father to fill that void so I don't think that is much of an issue now. We are hoping this is something he will grow out of. Good luck!



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My daughter now almost 10 had the same problem. If there wasn't a bathroom around all the time she would even have accidents! When I took her to the doctor he ran all the same tests with negative results. After a physical exam (pushing on her stomach) He realized she was constipated. He asked me how aften she was having bowel movements. I told him once she could so everything by herself in the bathroom I no longer kept track. She has a very tiny frame and because she is a child when young kids get really constipated it compresses on her bladder making less room in it. Thus having to urinate much more frequenly. It made sense. He had me get her a mild over the counter childs laxative. There are quite a few. I try to make sure she is drinking enough and eating more fiber. They even have orange juice with fiber now. Everything has seemed to help. See if maybe that could be the problem. I could be that he is only having a movement every other day but if it pushes on his bladder it could be just enough to make him have to urinate so much. I don't give her the laxatives all the time because I don't want her dependant on them only when she seems to need a hand. I hope this helps you and your son.
K. S



answers from Oklahoma City on

Hi L.

Oh my gosh can my sons bathroom visits be ALL THE TIME. He started this at some point when he was six. He will be 8 next month. I have even had teachers ask me about it, and I really don't know what to say to them. He has had the same tests done and he has no problems. I think it can be that he is just in a hurry to get back to what ever he is doing and does not empty his bladder. I don't think he really has a small or weak bladder beause he can make it through the night w/o any problems and some nights he will even have a small drink before he goes to sleep. The teacher this year said the kids can have a water bottle at their desk, but I will not let my son do that until I hear from his teacher that he has less frequent trips to the bathroom.

So here is what I think, based on the fact it is not medical with my son and I have paid attention to when he does this frequent bathroom thing. I think it is like kids who bite their nails or any other nervous habit. I also think they are kind of like puppies, If I take my son out w/ me and he knows he is getting even the smallest thing or some times he might be getting nothing, he is just excited to be going out or out w/ just mom and as soon as we walk in the store he has to go to the bathroom. As far as at school (I don't know if your son has a problem there) I think he just gets nervous, or needs a brake and that's the distraction he has picked to get away from the task at hand. I think he may do it because he needs a breather, or he is nervous. I think he knows that w/ such a habit teachers/mom is not going to say no to him going. We don't want him to have an accident. So I think there is a bit of controle behind the habit he has chosen. I have said I need him to wait a minute or two and I even told his teachers they can do the same. And he can hold it. I have even listened outside the door when he is on one of his frequent bathroom visit jags and sometimes he goes quite a bit and sometimes not. I just try not to give it a lot of attention and from time to time ask him to hold it to see if he can. I think it is just his nervous habit. His doctor agreed w/ me and said let's see if he out grows it, he suggested giving him other ways to cope w/ his stress or nervousness at the moment. He said when I'm w/ him try to redirect his thoughts, let him know that I know he is excited and get excited w/ him so he can release and show his excitment w/o going to the bathroom. When we go out together I always have him go before we go out, but at our first stop about 10min from the house he has to always go. I try to remind him when he goes to go until nothing more will oome out. He can always come up w/something at our first stop.

I guess what I'm saying is I don't know why they do it, so far all I have are guesses, and I can't say it has gone away, some days he goes less then others. I am glad it is not medical though So I guess we are waiting to see if he out grows it.

Let me know how things turn out w/ you and if anything works for you guys.

I wish I had more advise, but a least you know you are not the only mom daling with it. I did like what one mom said about how often her daughter had a BM could affect how often she has to pee. I never thought about that, but my son has one if not 2 BM a day. So I don't think that is it in his case, but some thing to think about.

Well good luck with it all, let us know how it all works out and if you find anything that works.




answers from Kansas City on

haven't had personal experience with this, but my friend has with her 5 y/o daughter. they found that she was severaly constipated and that her bowel was putting pressure on her bladder, causing her to urinate often. prescribed laxative and so far it has worked for both constipation and freq urination.

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