80'S Theme Birthday Party Ideas??

Updated on June 16, 2010
K.C. asks from Evansville, IN
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My husband turns 40 next month and I am having a 80's Themed Birthday Party for him (adults only - approx 80). I am looking for some great ideas for decorations, food, favors, etc. for the party. I would appreciate you 'flashing back' and recalling your favorite 80's items so I can incorporate as much 80's goodies as possible. Thanks so much!

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answers from Denver on

Wasn't he born in 1970 then?

For 80's though: Send out the invite on a 3 1/2 floppy disk.
Mini-rubiks cubes as party favors
Wine coolers to drink
Dim Sum for party food

Have fun!

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answers from Sacramento on

I was a teen in the 80s and also turned 40 this year so I have some ideas:

Drinks = wine coolers -- Bartles & James still around? These were huge in the 80s (at least in my college years) and I think they came out then, too.
Decorations -- Record albums with any popular 80s musician/band -- Duran Duran, Def Leppard, Go Go's, etc. Bet you can find some through eBay for cheap. Could hang these on strings or tape to the wall. Other ideas would include pictures of Pac Man, Atari, Ronald Reagan, nuclear arms race, DeLorean car stuff, Miami Vice, CHiPs, original Karate Kid and A-team, Breakfast Club, St. Elmo's Fire, Cosby Show
Favors -- small Rubik's cubes, glittery blue eye shadow/AquaNet pack for women, buttons with popular music artists (we used to put these on our backpacks in high school and I suspect they're available on eBay now), DVDs of 80s movies like Breakfast Club, Weird Science, etc. (depending on your budget)
Foods -- Can't think of anything specific to the 80s

Have fun!

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answers from Lake Charles on

Oh girl!! I love the 80's and we just had a 80's themed Mardi GRas ball that was so much fun!! I will just list things that we used and remind me of the 80's! Hope it helps!!

Spray hair color,
side ponytails,
leg warmers,
poofy hair,
bright makeup,
rock and roll guitars,
80's "hair" bands,
VHS movies
80's movie posters
splatter paint
KEDS shoes
80's music (I made 80's CDS for my guest as favors)
glo sticks
rubix cubes
pop rocks
wine coolers or strawberry hill
big foam koozies
inflatable guitars
bright colored sunglasses
gloves with the fingers cut out
sweat bands
Richard simmons
disco ball
bangle bracelets
cassette tapes
jams (the long shorts)
pac man

You need to google it, I have found so much by doing that!!
Also, it would be fun to have everyone dress 80's!!

HAve a blast and good luck

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answers from Pittsburgh on

The gym I take my kids to just had an 80's themed party. The female instructors wore poufy mini skirts with leggings underneath or leg warmers, shirts with wide collars that hung off one shoulder with stretchy tanks underneath, neon colors, jelly bracelets, jelly shoes. The male instructor wore a nylon sweatsuit with blocks of bright colors and sweatbands on his head and wrists. They did a dance that incorporated moves I remember from Breakfast Club and Footloose. The kids practiced a dance to "walk like an Egyptian". They had a "disco" ball hanging from the celiing that was in the shape of a Rubick's cube. Cut outs of records were on the walls as well as song titles and 80's sayings. The only one that comes to mind right now is "girls just wanna have fun". It was a lot of fun!

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answers from Indianapolis on

Even though it's a bit crass, I'd watch the movie "Bachelor Party" for ideas. It was SO 80's or watch popular movies such as Karate Kid.

See if you can Google I love the '80s on VH1 and get ideas of games, toys, etc. that were really popular, movies, songs, etc. You should easily be able to find a CD at Target, etc. with '80's music and go from there or play it free if you have digital cable.

Good luck.
How fun!

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answers from Dallas on

Those rubber bracelets that we used to wear are back in vogue. You can get them at Walmart 6 for $1. They would serve as great party favors.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I did this for my husbands 30th. It was so much fun :) We had a pacman cake, transformer plates, rubix cubes hanging from the ceiling. We also took a roll of the black table cloth material and put it on the walls. Then painted it with neon graffiti to say happy birthday. Everyone dressed 80's. Hope you guys have a blast!!

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answers from Phoenix on

just google "80's theme birthday party ideas" and tons of stuff comes up. Good luck and have fun!



answers from Columbus on

Well, maybe you can specify what 80's direction you are going to go with? A childs 80's version or an adult? Sorry, hehe, I was born early 80's so my flash back of the 80's is going to be Smurfs, My Little Pony, and also big poofy hair and leg warmers, so.. I hope I am making sense, b/c with your husband turning 40 he had a different version of the 80's. See what I mean, hehe?

Sorry, I am not much help?

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