8 Yr Old Excessive Urination

Updated on March 14, 2011
R.A. asks from Arnold, MD
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My 8 year old daughter has been going to thebathroom every 10-15 minutes this week. I took her to the urgent care tonight. She does nothave a UTI or diabetes. They said it could be an adrenal gland disorder. Has anyone had this happen? Iam freaking out because everything I read online indicates a tumor.

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So What Happened?

Saw the Pediatrician today. She is seemingly back to normal. The doc said it was probably an irritation from bubble bath. Thanks for all of your responses. What a relief!

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I have always had adrenal gland issues and have never had a tumor! By disorder, she simply could have meant an issue! Adrenal gland issues are fixable, so try not to worry too much!! I did urinate very frequently, even if I wasn't drinking much. Does your daughter have trouble with energy, or feeling wiped out? This can can go hand in hand with adrenal glad issues. Many adrenal gland problems can be listed as "genetic" in the symptoms. Right next to "tumors" and "cancer." You see, there are many causes and most actually have nothing to do with tumors. Adrenal gland problems do need to be treated immediately, but the good news it it's not usually complicated or difficult. Good luck!

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Rule number one..... stay away from WebMD or any other medical related websites. The only thing they make you do is WORRY.
Did they mention referring you to a pediatric endocrinologist? They can test for adrenal gland disorders. Get an appointment with your doctor right away on Monday so they can do testing or get you a referral to an endo Doc. Not because I think it's so very urgent, but I know how worry can be so hard on parents.

Take a deep breath mama! I hope all is going to be okay for your daughter! Keep us posted if you think of it!

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Our son did this and we went to a urologist. He couldn't find anything wrong with tests and a sono. He asked if he took baths, which he did at the time, and said that sometimes soap will get into the urethra and causes an irritation that makes them feel like they need to go all the time. He said to shower instead and if he did take a bath, don't let him sit in the soapy water. We started giving him showers and it cleared up. Then when he took a bath he couldn't have bubbles anymore and we would let him play first and took him out as soon as we bathed him. If I am not mistaken he said it is very common in girls. See a urologist.

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Don't panic yet! It could be something as simple as constipation. When my son got badly stopped up he was urinating very frequently because the pressure from the blockage was pushing against his bladder. There were no other signs of the constipaption and he was having 1 or 2 bowel movements a day. We were very concerned too, but the solution was as simple as regular Miralax. Hang in there! We'll all just hope this is an easy issue to fix!!



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Go to an endocrinologist & get her checked for juvenile diabeters & diabetes insipidus. I have two friends who had JD but no one within memory had it in their families. With the rarer but more manageable insipidus she would be using the bathroom even if she is dehydrated. It can be caused by a tumor or a blow to the head, or it can be genetic. It involves an inability to make vasopressin and it's manageable.

Hopefully, her electrolytes are just off. Try feeding her some bananas and OJ and Pedialyte (if she won't drink that Vitamin Water's Download flavor has similar nutrients). I have low B-12 and my electrolytes get wacky sometimes. Best of luck, but be sure to see a doctor...!



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Mrslavaille -- please get your child tested for diabetes. Rule that out first. If it is diabetes you need to start treatment right away. Don't wait to see what responses R. gets here -- we're not doctors.

R. -- please don't freak yourself out with online searches. You said the doctor said it could be an adrenal gland disorder -- OK, what next? Did the doctor just mention that and send you on your way? Surely the doc has arranged some kind of follow-up appointment with a specialist soon...?? If not, that must be done. Rather than finding wild diagnoses online that will make YOU ill with worry too, stay on the doctor's case to follow up. And if it continues, demand they repeat the diabetes test and/or refer you to another pediatrician, or find another one yourself if you feel yours is not following up properly. This may be something or may be as simple as an irritation (as someone else posted). But make the doctor do the work you pay him or her to do -- not you, and not online, where anyone can post anything about any medical condition, true or not.


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Wow, it's like you read my mind. My almost six year old daughter has been peeing nonstop for like, two weeks...and she isn't drinking any more than usual, says it doesn't hurt (and I've asked plenty) and doesn't seem to have any other symptoms of a UTI. I haven't taken her in because it just doesn't seem like a UTI...just a lot of urination.

I'm sorry I don't have any advice, but I do have sympathy and now I'm going to follow the answers you get because now I'm worried! Hope it all turns out okay!

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