8 Yr Old Crying with Pain in the Vagina

Updated on December 22, 2010
L.R. asks from Staten Island, NY
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my daughter is complaining of pain in the vagina, but she cannot explain what it feels like. took her to the pediatriian over a week ago thought she had infrction (uti or bladder ) it was negative. She was okay for a few days now again the pain she didnt ever want to go to dancing school which she loves. DO I take her to a urologist?

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So What Happened?

Ok Ladies, Last night I questioned her. The pain is above her vagina, not inside. It is on the outside on top. I am wondering if she strained herself in dance. Whatever the case, I am not taking any chances. I am on vacation New years week she will be getting a full blood work up and i will also be trying the pediatrician possibly the child gyn. Thanks to all for your concerns and input. It was helpful to knwo that others are experiencng the same with their young children.

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Yes..ask her doctor for a referral so someone that is good w/ kids. If they can't find anything, take her to a "female doctor". This is not normal!

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I would go back to the ped first, have them test her again. In the meantime I would have her drink only water and eat yogurt, these two are a girls best friend for any issues down there.

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She should be physically examined for rashes, infection, trauma. Take her back to your pediatrician. Ask your daughter questions, maybe she was hurt riding her bike etc. She will need you to jog her memory, ask specific questions, scenarios. Does it hurt to pee, when she sits, walks...

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I agree with a Gyno Pediatrian. I do not know how a urologist will help. My daughter is 8 and get rashes no pain so I apply vagisil or bamex diaper rash creams.



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I could only speculate what the cause might be. I see you are going to make an appt...good! Let us know what happens as many of us might have similar experiences in future as our daughter's get older.



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I feel your pain (figuratively). Before I say any more, I'm not a Dr., so I have to recommend taking her in to the urologist--you don't want to overlook a UTI issue. I have 2 daughters and this had been a recurring problem. After many visits to the pediatrician we came up with a plan to prevent recurrence.
Before girls hit puberty the tissue "down there" is really thin and sensitive, so it irritates easily. I've got the girls eating yogurt daily (or you could give her probiotics) and wearing loose fitting cotton only undies. You can also put her in a vinegar or baking soda bath for 20 minutes. Do not let her bathe in the tub, however, as the soap can act as an irritant. She can shower after her soak.
Good luck!



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YES! I would take to any specialist that I could think of AND get a second opinion if I had to.
Good Luck.



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I would- she could have some kind of infection or a rash! I would start with the urologist, but it could be a dermatologist "thing" too!



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Maybe she is haveing spasms or cramping in the vaginal area--- Have you given her ibuprofen or tylenol? I don't know about the urologist-does it hurt when she pees? If not, maybe you should take her to the pediatric gyno. maybe they could help. Good luck.




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You can, it could also just be a yeast infection. Sometimes just a bit of yogurt in the diet can help clear that up. When in doubt, make the appointment anyway. A bit of yogurt in her diet can hurt either way. You can even try A&D ointment there, it works wonders for my 4 year old when she gets a little red and raw.



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My daughter has this as well. She often gets a red rash type of thingy going on. Try putting some diaper rash ointment on her vagina. That seems to help my daughter.



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Did the Doctor do an exam?
I mean, did the Doctor look at the area where your daughter says it hurts????
Is it IN her vagina or outside????
Are there any bulges or is it inflamed in any way?
Is it IN her vagina or groin area????
Sometimes, children get Hernias. My daughter had one... in her groin area. She got pain sometimes.... especially with activity....
Sometimes, a hernia can protrude into the vaginal canal, for example....

Just a thought.
Maybe have your daughter see a Specialist.
What ELSE does your Doctor, think about this... or what else has the Doc suggested???

all the best,


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When this happened to my daughter, it was a yeast infection. Definitely take her back to the doctor.

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