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Updated on April 09, 2013
T.L. asks from Cuba, MO
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There isn't much he doesn't love, sports, cars, the popular kids shows, but how do I put that into a bed room? I looked at Target and it all seems so babyish. He was promised a new comforter and that we could paint his walls (after stripping yet MORE wallpaper). Can I just do a color scheme? He said he would like green walls, but I am thinking maybe just one green wall and maybe a lighter color for the other 3 1/2 walls. Any ideas or what does your kids room look like?


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Jen C. That is an awesome idea, except I can't make a quilt to save my life. Any easy way you did it?

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answers from Portland on

My almost 8 year old daughter is onto a LOT of very different things.
She likes princesses, My Little Pony, The Avengers, Batman, video games, and other stuff.

Her room is full of posters.
We live in an apartment so we can not paint anything.
She has a MP3 player with speakers so she can listen to music.
She has posters that she picked.
She has a loft bed with a play space under it that she plays in all the time, a desk, a toy box, and a dresser.
She has several different blankets, no real theme, just ones that she has acquired over time, gifts and stuff.
And TONS of stuffed animals and dolls on her bed that she sleeps with.

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answers from Sioux City on

My son is always changing his mind as to what he wants in his room. We do a color scheme and then accent it with the things he like. I have a wonderful Dad that is a super photographer so when my son changes his mind his Grandfather goes at and snaps some shots. We take the pictures and fill the frames. Works like a charm!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Our guy got The Avengers for Christmas. It's odd to use his bathroom and have Incredible Hulk looking at you...lol.

He got normal sheets, normal comforter, Avengers blanket for the area by the pharmacy/curtains instead of where the sheets and comforters are, they are bigger and plusher. Then add in the curtains and he has an Avenger room that is not too overpowering and easy to fix later on.

Let him pick and do it the way he wants it. You can always sell off the stuff that is a particular theme later.

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answers from Dallas on

I have painted the walls whatever color they wanted (green, teal blue, and now tan have been the choices !) and then used a pretty generic comforter and curtains. The pictures, pillows, etc were the theme. The only time it wasn't like that was when my mom made a hunting cammo quilt & curtains with the tan walls. That actually turned out really really neat. Anyway - generic wall color and comforter / bedspread makes it easy to change out pictures, pillows, sheets, etc for the theme.

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answers from Anchorage on

I would paint the walls whatever color he wants and then make him a quilt with fabrics showing all his favorite things. This is what I did for my boys, and in a couple of years when they out grow some of the characters in their quilts I will make them a new one to replace it. They love their hand made quilts much more than any other blanket they have ever had, because it was personal and one of a kind made just for them.

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answers from Dallas on

Our son just turned 9, and his room is yellow. He has dark wood floors, and a denim comforter. He is really into Legos, so he has a tall wooden display case for a bunch of Legos, and another bookcase, also for Legos. He like science, so he has some cool framed prints of stars and planets on the walls. He loves Seinfeld (we have to edit some episodes), and Kramer is his favorite character, so he has "The Kramer" painting framed on his wall, too. The denim comforter allows us to change his room easily. We'll probably paint his walls sometime this summer. He loves green, so he's wanting to paint his room green and blue. I love change, so we'll probably go for it.

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answers from Houston on

As some others have said, no theme room really. Our daughter 7, has one accent wall painted a pale pink. A bedspread with the same pastel colors. She has a horizontal clothes hook behind her door and a bulletin board on one wall where she can hang drawings, pics of friends etc.
Remember in a few yrs whatever you put up will need to be changed.

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answers from Kansas City on

I would paint the walls the color he likes or maybe do two walls that color ( or one ) and the other 3 a different color. I know there are cork walls you can do, look on the internet or at a store to find details, and that would be a great thing to do for one wall and he could do posters or pictures on that and change it often. The bedspread ( comforter ), curtains, etc. are what I usually focused more on and you can change those as he grows or gets tired of them easier

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answers from San Francisco on

When my son was that age he had a color theme, blue walls, white shades and a blue/green/white kind of plaid quilt (with a plain down comforter underneath in the winter.)
I let him have some character sheets (Toy Story and Pokemon were favorites for a while) and he had some pictures and posters that reflected whatever he was currently into. But I never spent a lot of money on those items because kids grow and change so fast. Power Rangers were soon replaced by Pokemon which was then replaced by Star Wars, then Lord of the Rings...you get the idea!

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answers from Amarillo on

I did my grandson's bedroom themed around NASCAR. The curtains, bedspread and pillows (2 sizes). The colors were such that it could grow with him and he was about the age of your son. He is now 15 and the room has changed some but there are still some pieces of the sports theme around.

You can paint the one wall as you suggest but keep the rest neutral or off white so that it is not hard to change out as he grows.

I picked up a print (fabric) the other day that had robots on a black background with multiple colors as its theme and would love to make up a quilt and such with lime green and orange accent colors. Some lucky kid will get it when I'm done -- hopefully a grandkid in the future.

Just do what you can and he will love what mom did for him. Take a picture for the scrapbook.

Have fun.

the other S.

PS Contact a quilt store to see if they have someone who would make a quilt for your son's room. Might cost but it will be one of a kind.

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answers from Houston on

I suggest a teen/tween room.

Go to furniture websites (Ashley, Rooms to Go) and get some ideas off their Teen/Tween pages.

Pottery Barn, Bed Bath and Beyond and other similar stores also carry teen bedding.

With all those different interests, I suggest painting the walls one or two colors - any paint store should have suggestion books or booklets for teen rooms or even man caves (bright red and olive, or dark blue and orange....) and then getting a wide deep bookcase, and house his various interests and collection in there.

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answers from San Francisco on

We are in the process of redoing GD's bedroom. We've gotten as far as painting a chalkboard wall. She is wishy washy on colors so we're giving her time to change her mind back and forth.

We are just going to do a color scheme because their interests change so much and so quickly.

Having one accent wall is really cool. Maybe a different shade of green on the other walls.

Home Depot has a really cool paint color selector gismo. GD and I played with it for about an hour when we were trying to choose colors.

Have fun!

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answers from Austin on

We used wall clings to decorate with the current interest. My daughter loved rearranging multiple themes. My son just kept his the same for years.

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answers from Grand Forks on

At eight I would stay away from any characters or themes and just do a colour scheme with a large bulletin board. My boys just have red, navy and grey, and they can put whatever they want on their bulletin boards.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I would let him pick one theme: cartoon, Cars, sports etc.
Then go with that ONE theme & work w/in it.
Get a comforter, 1 sm rug & 1 sm pillow in THAT theme.
Then use the accent colors for the room like colored lamp shade, curtains.
I would only paint one wall like you said then either leave the 2 other walls blank or color them a neutral color like tan.
We have neutral walls then a theme of sports.

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