8 Year Old with Upset Stomach

Updated on February 14, 2013
S.M. asks from Silver City, NM
7 answers

My 8 year old niece has a stomach ache she feels better for a little while then will start crying and vomiting i know to keep her hydrated but is there any home remadies to sooth her stomach

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answers from Austin on

Stop any food or milk products... sometimes they may be able to tolerate crackers.. I would just suggest clear liquids, like 7-up..... ice chips or popsicles can also help.

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answers from Columbia on

Once she stops vomiting introduce the B.R.A.T diet - Banana Rice Applesauce Toast..... ONLY this for 24 hours after she can hold down food and/or has a solid bowel movement.

saltine crackers or graham crackers will help her to have something to vomit....once she has expelled everything from her tummy and is dry heaving.... which can be gross and extremely de-hydrating.

Poor thing. I hope she feels better soon.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

It could be the flu that needs to run its course. As people mentioned below avoid dairy and try the BRAT diet to 'reset' her stomach. Hope she feels better soon!



answers from Lansing on

BRAT diet for 12-24 hours. Bananas, rice and toast, maybe some Pepto bismol


answers from Austin on

ginger ale, little sips..


answers from Phoenix on

Hey mom take her to the doctor! It could be the stomach flu! If it is,it can get bad!


answers from Seattle on

Peppermint...Tea, Candy cane or even peppermint essential oil on her tummy(a little bit goes a long way and can be slightly watered down before put on the skin...make sure she keeps her hands off of it and away from her eyes though:))

Ginger ale is also go in small amounts. I LOVE the ''Natural Brew'' brand...found in the health food section at alot of stores.

Make sure she does get alot of fluids.

A Candy cane will give her a little sugar boost:) and does not leave alot in her stomach.

Good luck!! We were hit with a double whammy. One week stomach bug the next week full blown flu.

BRAT(Banana's/Broth, Rice, Applesauce and Toast) Diet...until her tummy is ready for something a bit more.

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