8 Year Old with Pimples

Updated on August 15, 2008
G.M. asks from Franklin Square, NY
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My 8 year old daughter has started getting pimples on her forehead. Sometimes they look like blackheads and other times they are just like little goosebumps, not alot but a few. Isn't this kind of young to be getting pimples? Is she too young for clearasil? She keeps asking me to get her something to make them "go away" as she is becoming self conscious. Any suggestions welcome.

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Does she have bangs and use hair styling products?

The oil in her hair and/or the hair styling products (gel, mousse, hairspray) could be making her forehead break out. Make sure she washes her face and wiping her forehead after doing her hair.



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Your never to young to learn good hygene and skin care. I would get some good skin care products and teach her how to wash her face every night before bed. Teach her how to focus on her "problem areas" and clean carefully. Maybe start with Neutragena as it's suppose to be mild and fragrence free, the same with Clean and Clear. You could also follow up with a mild astregent to help with excess oil. If she is going to have problem skin now is the time to get her in the habit of taking care of it.



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Hi G.,

I am an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay and we have a product for young skin that is prone to difficulties. It is just a cleanser and moisturizer. It will keep her skin clean and fresh. Just check it on my website marykay.com/gdominicci.
It is called Velocity Skin Care. Let me know if you think this might help. Wishing you the best.




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Hi G., As unsettling as it may seem 8 years old is not too young for her hormones to start kicking in. Some girls have their period by 9. Does she have oily skin? I would not use clearasil but try scrubbing with a rough washcloth or a face scrubber and use some witch Hazel to close and dry out the pores. She should wash her face more than once a day and drink lots of (pure) water. If she plays outdoors and sweats the dirt in the air gets into the pores and causes those blackheads. Good wishes, Grandma Mary



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This is NOT infant acne, she's 8

She is starting puberty a ittle early

I would suggest making a day of it, Go out buy proactive,
its 20 dollars, get some deodorant, and new panties and Tank top undershirts ( if she has buds get her a little bra) , then get a panicure together.Have lunch.

Before starting the day,talk to her about puberty and what that means to you and to for her,


Yes I know she doesn't have her actual period but puberty is more than than a period.

Look at it like a right of passage, its important to her, welcome her to the club, teach her HOW to take care of her skin, proactive is great because its fairly inexpensive and includes all the extras sit to gether and show her how to use it, mudd masks ect..

Even if she has no under arm hair now, its a good time to teach her about hygiene, and keeping her body clean.

As for the panties and t shirts, this is a way to still show her what is age appropriate ( she is still a girl)
the Tanky t shirts are great for girls who haven't matured
these are great for teaching modesty.
If she has little buds get her an age appropriate training bra

The manicure is a time to relax, explain that she is growing up ( and in my opinion a little nail polish never hurt anyone, its fun and great way to de stress)

LUNCH -- WEll I would personally take her some where fancy
its sort of like a big girls tea party LOL
BUT if your daughter is more the MC D's type, take her and let her have FUN running wild. This would really depend on your daughter and how she feels about growing up.

Hope these suggestions help.

Good luck




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I started my kids cleaning their faces after school and before bed with neutragena wipes. They remove impurities and make up which my daughter doesn't wear.. but I thought to get them into good ways of keeping their faces clean. they both love the wipes.. and my son who is 12 wants me to buy the electronic thing from neutragena... it looks like a type of egg.. you put a pad on it.. and it moves and cleans your face for you.. you can go to neutragena .com for a $2 coupon off the purchase.. not sure how to spell neutragena?? good luck... also keep bangs off forehead.. and take a shower to wash hair everyday.. in case it's a little greasy. good luck



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what does her diet look like?
Lots of cheese, ice cream & yogurt?
Baked flour?
Most skin issues are caused by what we ingest. the skin is an organ of excretion- it's just trying to detox!
Take a good long look at what she's eating and make some changes. See if things clear up with 2 weeks of no dairy or no junk food. You'll be surprised and you'll save loads of money you'd spend on chemical claensers and lotions that can add even more trauma to your child's skin.



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That's commonly known as "infant acne". Have your baby's doctor examine her and give you something for it.

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