8 Weeks Pregnant and HG Kicking In

Updated on March 03, 2013
L.R. asks from Georgetown, MA
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So, I thought I was getting out easy on this pregnancy because until now, I felt wonderful and could eat everything. All of a sudden, once the eighth week hit, I feel horrible, throwing up all day and night. Did anyone else develop symptoms this late? It seems kind of odd to me that this wasn't happening a few weeks ago.

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So What Happened?

I edit to add: I had HG with the first pregnancy and only first trimester morning sickness with the second. They both began around 6 and a half weeks.

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answers from Hartford on

Most people don't even know to test for pregnancy until 6-8 weeks along because that's when symptoms start for them. It's not odd at all. It's perfectly typical.

I never had symptoms until about 7 weeks, and then when I did they lasted my entire pregnancy.

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answers from Dallas on

I started getting violently ill at 7 weeks, and didn't stop until he was out of me.

Most women I've met didn't start feeling bad until the 5-8 week mark. Hopefully, you will be the norm and start to feel better once the first trimesters over!!! Take it easy!

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answers from Chicago on

Actually, most women experience no real symptoms until the 7th week. Vomiting usually kicks in around week 8.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I've been through 6 first trimesters and its week 8 that really hits you. For me wk 6 is the first twinges of nausea and wk 8 it gets much worse, wk 11 is the pinnacle of wretchedness, and if you are lucky you feel relief by wk 12. If not lucky you will puke until you are 5 months. If really unlucky you will puke until the day you deliver.

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answers from Portland on

I was luck this time & only had morning sickness from the middle of week 7 to the middle of week 8. I'm now 10 Weeks & feel fantastic.

I hope it gets better for you. Zofran was a life saver. 8 weeks isn't late for getting symptoms.

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answers from Phoenix on

8-9 weeks was the only time I felt queasy during my first trimester.

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answers from Denver on

My morning sickness lasted all day and started at around 7-8 weeks and lasted until week 14-15. I did not throw up that much but could not eat or smell almost anything. The smell of cooked food would make me sick in no time, so I ate lots of salty crackers, fruits, vegetables...etc. Unfortunatelly, I got it back last week, at 29 weeks, but I've taken Maalox 1-2 times/day and feel much better. Not sure Maalox is ok in the first trimester though. Hope you'll feel better soon! Good luck!

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answers from Columbia on

Awwww...poor sweeting. I'm so sorry you're feeling crappy. I didn't get sick, but I do wish you the very best. Hopefully you'll be able to find something to help.

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answers from Fargo on

My last one, i threw up from 8 weeks-24 weeks. The one before that, i was throwing up before i got a positive pregnancy test....but that was extreme, i was sick the entire time on ivs.

I wanted to add: protein, protein, protein. I couldn't eat meat....but soy milk (flavored with chai was good), protein powder in smoothie...i lived on these. i also did acupuncture and it helped for a few days to a week...well worth the money. Sucking on ginger (from asian market), i also used magnets on my wrist...acupuncturist showed me where to place....they worked better than sea bands.

Good luck, this too shall pass.

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