8 Months Old Has a "Strange" Hair Color

Updated on October 13, 2017
L.C. asks from Holly Springs, NC
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This is just a curiosity question. Our 8 months old's hair looks blond when dry, however when it's wet(at the beach or pool) it gets a definate red color. It's just really strange........ my boys are "white blond "(still at the ages 4 and 6) and I have never seen this happened. My husband's sister has 2 blond boys and a red head girl,whos hair is red red(wet or dry).Does anybody's baby's hair do a" trick" like that:) What happens when they get older???TIA
PS I know that hair looks darker when wet, but blond to red????
Thanks laddies, so is her hair considered strawberry blond then?

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So What Happened?

thank u very much for all your info. I have been coloring my hair "natural" red since I was a teen , so I surely hope her red stays even if it's just a tint. I can dream ,right:)

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answers from Redding on

My husband was a white headed kid for about 15 years. He was blond after that and still is blond. Its darker blond now because hes not outside in the sun as much and wears a hat when he is. But still obvious blond. He has a red beard and mustache when it grows. If his he gets in just the right light, his hair looks more red. You have a strawberry blond and may grow red facial hair some day too. its neat looking to be blond as an adult man.

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answers from Seattle on

TOTALLY normal with blonde hair, since blonde has several different "base" colors. White blonde hair has no base color (can actually look 'clear' under certain circumstances). Cool blondes tend to look brunette when their hair is wet. Warm blondes run from strawberry to caramel to brunette. LIGHT BROWN haired folks (looks blonde, but isn't) can actually look like they have black hair when wet.

<grin> NO telling what will happen when they get older. Towheads sometimes stay cotton blonde, but they usually get some pigment (anything from warm or cool blonde, red, light brown, brunette, and even black). Warm and cool blondes can stay the same or or darken into brown or brunette OR lighten to a paler blonde.

It's part genetics, part hormonal, and part sun exposure. My mom is a honey blonde in sunny climates (needs to spend at least a year to 2 years for the color to change), I'm auburn with blonde streaks in sunny climates. In THIS overcast climate she's a dark "clear" brunette (almost looks black, but the tone's off), and I'm mousy brown.

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answers from Washington DC on

this is TOTALLY normal!! haven't you noticed that your hair changes color when you get it wet.....???

hair changes color over the years..my oldest was born a toe-head now? he's almost a dark brown! :)

It's all good!!

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answers from Kansas City on

yup its actually strawberry blond. when dry it is completely blonde, but if you look closely in the sunlight you might find a tinge of red comming through.. and when wet it appears red.

totally normal. your baby's hair will probably grow darker as he/she gets older.

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answers from Augusta on

all hair looks different when it's wet. You've got a strawberry blonde .
It's darker and more apparent because it's wet. most things do this.


answers from San Francisco on

Her hair may be changing color. My youngest started out with jet black hair (it was that color for almost a year). Now that she just turned 6, her hair is dark blond. Go figure! We began noticing when she was around 18 months that she seemed to have light streaks in her hair, and slowly it just changed to a totally different color! Also, my older daughter started out bald and became a redhead, and we first noticed her red hair when it was wet (it looked brown in the daylight). You just can't always tell when they are little what color hair they will have! It may be that your daughter will end up a redhead or with darker strawberry blond hair over time.


answers from Los Angeles on

One of my grandson's hair did this, too. His hair is now a medium blond.



answers from Gadsden on

My son is 30 and still very blonde. His beard is so read and that makes his hair look strawberry. My granddaughter is so blonde. When its wet its so red. Anxious to see what color she will be. What dark headed at birth


answers from St. Louis on

My daughter in pictures looks like she has red hair. Also in the sun you can see a red tint in her hair. But, to someone thats not her mom, she just looks like she has brown hair. It was worse as a baby. haha, I said worse.



answers from Philadelphia on

well my oldest was blonde now his hair has changed to light brown. its light brown wet or dry. my other two kids are blonde dry and slightly darker when wet.
i was not much help.


answers from Tampa on

Usually that's called strawberry blonde - which is mainly blonde with a hint of red.



answers from Phoenix on

yup. all the time. my daughters hair doesn't know what color it is.....blond, red, brown, plus a few shades in between. :) my boys were blonds but now are dark, though my youngests hair is looking reddish


answers from Hartford on

My middle daughter is blonde but in certain light her hair is red. My MIL swears it always looks red to her. My grandmother's hair used to be a natural auburn color, and my MIL's youngest child's hair used to be a reddish blondish brown when he was a child, so the red is definitely there. She looks just like my Gram did when my Gram was a child, like I mean identical except for the blonde hair, so I'm not surprised that she has the red.

My hair naturally highlights to red (it's medium brown).

My eldest daughter has light brown hair that highlights blondish, but my youngest daughter has darker medium brown hair like mine that highlights auburn like mine.



answers from Boston on

Sounds like there is some red hair in the family. Water does change hair color, usually to the darker side. Perhaps he tends more toward strawberry blond.


answers from Houston on

That is totally normal. I am a hairstylist and I see this frequently. Both my children had blond hair, but reddish in the sun or when wet, it is because haircolor has differing shades of base colors. My boys are are older now and their hair color is more of a dirty blond, no redness at all. Most blond children's hair darken as they age. When your child gets older, you will know if the red color will be permanent or not.

I was a total white blond child and now my hair is very dark. My husband was also white blond as a child, and he is now still a light blond (though no longer as pale.)

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