8 Month Old with Dry Skin

Updated on February 08, 2007
D.W. asks from Waunakee, WI
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My 8 month old son has a few patches of dry skin on his legs. Righ now his chin is also very dry. It isn't red and there really isn't a rash, but it feels very dry to the touch. I put lotion on him twice a day, but was wondering if there was something better I could put on the really dry patches of skin.

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I use Xango on my daughter since I am a distributor and it seems to work on several things for adults and kids alike. Contact me for more information.

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You will get alot of different advice, but you really have to find the solution that works for your child. My oldest has battled wicked eczema since he was a newborn, nothing has helped it, but many things have made it a little better, or more bearable. Eucerin is great, as is Aquaphor. Using Burts Bees milk bath and Burts bees lotion is great too, however if your child has a milk allergy/aversion, many many lotions have lactose in them which can actually make it worse.

If it keeps getting worse, the nI would ask your pediatrician for a referral to a dermatologist for evaluation.

Oh, and don't use hydrocortizone on it. While it may work for a short time, it can actually break the skin down, making it weaker. Also it has been linked to cataracts in the eyes, and since babies are always touching thier faces, its best to not even use it.



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Try using Lansinoh for his dry skin, I use it my kids and I have a 19 month old and 11 yr old.
It works good on my kids so maybe it will help yours.
Other wise try Nivea Cream, that also works.
Good luck!



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Hello D.. We also use Eucerin on our son's very dry legs twice a day and it has worked great. He also has extremely dry cheeks that we put vaseline on before bed every night. Good luck!



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It might be mild eczema. My daughter has mild eczema and my son's is more moderate to severe. I agree that you will hear a lot of different advice and you will have to see what works for your child. You could have a doctor check it out to confirm. In less severe cases, though, I don't think it's always necessary to get a prescription, which usually has side effects. I'd try other things first. My son was about 4 months old and he started getting red, itching, and even had some bleeding areas. Even for him, I started lubricating him well, about 3 times a day, and that helped tremendously. I only used a prescription the first week or so, then OTC 1% hydrocortisone cream for a month or so, and only lightly on the red/ scabbed areas along with a thicker lotion.
I would try one of the very thick lotions, like Eucerine Intensive Repair (or the generic), or Aquaphor, Vaseline, or even Crisco!
Look for new possible allergens. Most say bathe less frequently and use something very mild likeCetaphil, Ivory, or Phisoderm, and very little is needed. Lube up well after bathing. :]



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Hello D. :)
We had the same problem with our daughter Nadira. She would get very dry hands and ankles. We tried baby lotion and adult lotion and then nurses from the birthing center at our hospital told us to use valseline (spelling?) we would put it on her ankles and feet and then put on socks- it worked like a miracle. Her hands took a little longer because it was getting rubbed off but I am sure it would work if you put it on his legs (his pants would keep it on.) it would work on his chin to :)

Good Luck



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Aquaphor for Babies is the best thing to combat dry skin on little ones. My Sweet Pea had the same problem and her Ped recommended Aquaphor and it worked like a charm. Good luck!



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My children are suffering from this right now, due to the weather. My advice take him in and get a prescribtion. They gave my kids cortozone.



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Aquaphor is the best!!!

It sounds like your little one might have eczema. I would take him in to be evaluated, they have prescription lotions that work great. Also Eczema is related to allergies and asthma, so knowing what triggers it can be of great help. good luck!



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My son has battled dry skin since day 1. We have found that Cetaphill works great for body and face. Also Jergens Ultra Healing and Eucerin Calming Cream. Eucerin actually worked great to get the skin mositure and Cetaphill perfect to maintain. Eucerin and Cetaphill can be a little pricey but they work!

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