8 Month Old Will Not Eat Baby Food ...

Updated on November 21, 2006
H.F. asks from Antioch, TN
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I have a soon to be 8 month old son and he will not eat baby food and his milk just dont seem to be getting the job done for him.. Should i go a head and give him table food and if so what do yall think i need to give him.. He was born a month early and was only 5Ib 11 oz at birth and is now over 19Ib... So if any of u have and ideal on what i should do let me know plz..

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So What Happened?

Ethan is doin sum what better on eatin i have try'd givein him mashed pott and for some reson he gets choked on them so i just got some stage 3 baby food and he will eat that from time to time but thanks for all the good advise everyone sent..

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My son didn't really start munching down on solid foods until he was over a year. Don't worry about it. His body may not be ready for solids, let him lead the way :) Hope this helps

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Try giving him mashed potatoes made with yogurt, small pieces of veggies(sweet potatoes,green beans,carrots,etc.)and noodles.



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My son would never eat premade baby food for me. I ended up making batches of chisken soup with potaties, carrots, and chicken and then blending it up. I would make a pot once a week and then freeze the blended mixture in ince cube trays. Then I could pop one or two out and use it aas I needed it. Sometimes I would mix in the rice cereal for extra nutrients. I would blend other food up this way as well and it was all he would eat for me until he had enough teeth to eat regular food. You can adjust the texture by adjusting the blending time. You might also try sweet potatoes, greenbeans, etc. (just be sure not to fill your blender more than a 1/4 of a cup if it is hot, I made this mistake once:) ) Hope this helps. It definatly is more of a pain but you ar ein more control of the quality and content of his food.



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Its ok to feed him some table food items but in moderation and do not replace his bottle with the table food.



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Hi H.,my youngest son whom is 5 now was the same way.We took fruit like bananas,apples,peaches ect and put them in a blender,i found he ate that with no problem.We gave him mashed potatoes minus the butter/seasonings.If he doesnt eat the baby cereal you may try using farina cream of wheat,I found that was his favorite.Alot of iron in it and good for him.Its only a few suggestions.I hope it cn help somewhat.Good luck,H.

Im a 32(soon to be 33 on the 18th) SAHM currently looking for work,to 3 children ages 15,14 and5.Im marrried to a great man whom is gone quite often.Hes a truck driver!


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Try making your own baby food. If you google "baby food recipes" a bunch of sites will pop up with tons of yummy recipes and instructions on making cereal and cooking and straining fruits and veggies. It's important that you introduce solids now to avoid further eating issues. Give him time and introduce one new food at a time to pinpiont allergies(no more than one new food a week, you can mix foods you have already introduced). Even if more winds up on his face than in his tummy, give him the opportunity to try at first once a day, adding more meals as he adjusts. Keep giving him his milk though, as it is still his main source of nutrients. One trick that helped my baby at the beginning was to give her a sip of milk after each bite. Hope this helps.



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My oldest daughter is 17 yrs. and she never would eat baby food. When my grandmother was a baby there was no such thing. Sooooo. Give him whatever he wants as long as he can chew it. Of course you have to be senseable. But, my girl started table food st 6 months.



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My 2 year old was also born early. She was 2 months premature and weighed 3 lbs 1 oz. She hated baby food( have you ever tasted that stuff YUCK..LOL) so we started mashing up or chewing (i know that sounds nasty, but you gotta do what you gotta do..right) up whatever we were having that night. She loved it. I did the same thing with my 1 year old. They eat it better, it taste better, and it will save you money. Do whatever you think will be best..Mommys usually know best;)



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My son is now 9 months old and recently went thu the same phase of not wanting to eat. Although your son was a premie at his size now I really would not worry. My guy was 8lb 6 oz and weighs 21lbs. When he went into his not wonting to eat thing I asked his pediatrician and she said it was normal but try to make sure that he still gets 15-20 oz of formula a day. Some days it was almost impossible but then others he way passed that. But with food just try some new things that he might enjoy. The thing that his ped told me to keep in mind is that he no longer is on a liquid diet and by the age of 1 he will be only on table foods and milk so let him start trying more. I can rarely get mine to eat jar baby food so he loves finger foods, fruit and yogurts. Hope this helps.



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my daughter was the same way did not like baby food, so I gave her table food at 8 months old its fine infact all mine would eat at 8 months was table food. youd be surprised what they can eat with no teeth. I gave mine pieces of fruit , cheese, sliced ham , noodles overcooked. even little pieces of chicken. just watch him and make sure he can handle it first before you start giving him large amounts of it.



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Oh honey I had this same problem! What I did was, make sure I made a healthy dinner that I could give to the baby as well as my other kids and the husband..lol I would take the vegy's and mash them with the back of a spoon and if we had meat, I would pinch off the smallest pieces almost to a mush. Also, if you buy a food processor or even use your blender, you can make your own baby food at home using the food you make every night! My lil one didn't like the regular baby food so I just mushed up everything with a fork and a spoon...lol Oh, and I wouldn't cut out the formula just yet to make sure he's still getting the nutrients he needs...sometimes we gotta do what works! Hope this helps :)

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