8 Month Old Refusing Solids

Updated on January 15, 2009
D.G. asks from Maple Shade, NJ
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My 8 month old refuses to eat solids! I exclusively nursed her up until 6 months, when I started to introduce solids. She still has not taken to them. I have offered her just about everything under the sun and the only thing that she will remotely tolerate is bananas, but only 1/3 of a stage 1 jar! I am a mommy of three, and my other two were very eagar to eat everything, so her refusal has me a bit concerned. She is certainly not starving by any means, 90th percentile for height and weight. Part of me is trying to invest confidence that she will ultimately just go right to table foods, but part of me is worried about her nutrition right now. I am still nursing her, so she is getting lots of good stuff from that.....but I still worry. Anyone have a similar issue or any suggestions?

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Hi D.!

I had a very similar situation with my son who is now almost 15 months. He would not eat any solids to the point where he would just gag and throw up if I put ANYTHING in his mouth other than breastmilk from the tap. When he was about 9 & 1/2 months I convinced my pedi that we needed some help so we went to a pediatric speech pathologist. She was very quick to figure out what his problem was and it turned out that he had a hypersensitive gag reflex and took a very long time to get used to foods. He was pretty much exclusively breast fed for 10 months. His weight was never an issue, but he did become severely anemic from an iron deficiency. Perhaps a speech path can help you out too. I wouldn't say my son is normal now, but he's much better and he is no longer anemic. It's also probably a good idea to supplement with a multi-vitamin since most contain iron. Good luck!



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Have you tried cheerios? What if you mix a little of the bananas into rice cereal? My babies used to love that :-)



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Yep--I agree with the previous post. Relax! And as long as you are still nursing her she IS getting great nutrition. Keep offering stuff again and again and let her pick up easy foods by herself.



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How about giving her some table food that she can feed herself?? Maybe that will help. My son is 9mo, and he is getting that way. I give him diced green beans, potatoes, carrots, any veggie or fruit that can be cooked til soft and then cut very small. He LOVES to feed himself, and while he is trying to pick up the stuff I sneak in bites of baby food! Can't hurt to try! :) Good luck!

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