8 Month Old Not Using His Legs Alot- Normal?

Updated on January 01, 2009
S.S. asks from Lake Dallas, TX
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Ok, my first son loved being in doorway jumpers and walkers and he started walking on his own my 10 months. Now my second son is so very different. He's so much more laid back than his brother was in every aspect. He bounces very little in doorway jumpers, doesn't care to walk in walkers and he doesn't stiffen his legs beneath him when you bounce him on the floor. He won't "simulate walking" very often. I mean sometimes he does, but it seems to be less than other children. My Pediatrician has said that he is fine because when you lay him on the ground, he kicks those legs like a maniac. He definitely has feeling in the legs and feet, just seems unmotivated.
Well, over Christmas, my husbands family was very harsh and got on the internet behind my back and "researched" it, and they are now convinced that there is something wrong with the baby and I'm in denial.
His development is normal in every other way and he's the happiest baby you've ever seen. Like I said, my pediatrician says he's just fine, although a little unmotivated. My mother in law thinks I should demand to see a specialist. I just don't know what to do anymore and my feelings are really hurt toward my husband's family. They have always been so intrusive and they question every single parenting choice we make. It seems like I'm constantly defending my decisions. But I want to keep an open mind and do what's best for my child so that's why I'm asking you all what you think......
Thanks so much, I don't know what I'd do without all of you!

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He's only 8 mos old. My daughter just started crawling at 10 mos. He'll probably be an early talker. If your pediatrician says he's fine, then he's most probably fine. I don't think its that big of a deal if your son doesn't walk by the "average" age. Your dr said his legs are fine and he kicks them. He's doing well in all other areas.
Don't let the in laws get to you. Your his mother and you know best. Your pediatrician would need to refer you to a specialist anyway, so just tell them that your dr told you to wait a few more months before going to a specialist.
Here are developmental milestones:
Notice it says,"MANY babies like to stand and pull themsleves up by 9 mos". The operative word being many. Not ALL.
My nephew never supported himself on his legs until he began to walk at 10 months. He is now 21 mos and very active.
Every baby is different. You said yours is laid back so before you begin speculating, respect his pace and wait it out a bit. He's just taking his time. Your pediatrician will tell you when it becomes a problem. Good luck. :-) I'm sure he's fine.

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As long as he is reaching other milestones, like turning over and sitting up, don't worry as long as your pediatrician says he's OK. All kids are different. I assume your pediatrician has checked him for hip dysplasia. (They do this when they move the baby's legs around and feel for clicks in the hip at the first exam). If he hasn't crawled or isn't not pulling up and trying to stand at 1 year, then get a referral to Scottish Rite Hospital and see if there's something wrong.

Enjoy him and stop worrying!

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Hello S.,

maybe he should be checked out. My neighbors son didn't want to put weight on his legs. it turned out he had a hairline fracture on one of his legs. so, I'd push to check his legs. on the other hand, kids tend to do things on their on schedule. My son did not turn until he was about 7 months. and he was a late crawler....then he was walking without any assistance at 10 months. go figure! of course I didn't realize how early he was walking (1st time mother) until years later.
By the way, keep in mind that your husbands family is just concerned. however, if you firmly believe that everything is OK then stand your ground and tell your husband that he should be backing you up. Now, if your husband is concerned maybe a happy medium needs to be found. and if you want a better relationship with your inlaws...start playing boardgames so the topic will be trivia pursuit instead of your parenting skills/decisions. oh, if you're not allergic to ragweeds, buy chamomile tea. drink it whenever they're around. get some lavender essential oil and put a few drops on a tissue and keep it in your pocket. it will keep your stress levels down. Good luck! ~C.~

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