8 Month Old Not Eating but Act Hungry and Still Refuses to Eat

Updated on June 28, 2010
M.P. asks from Orem, UT
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Ok to start out we just moved. Again. We had moved 10 weeks ago, but then got kicked out (the landlord was crazy!!) Anywho. I'm also going to be putting him in daycare on Wednesday. They supply Good Start formula, so I decided to try it and see if he his tummy could handle it or if he liked the taste of it. Well he didn't. So then I went back to our Similac advanced, but mixed in some Enfamil since I had coupons for it (I mix half and half of both when I get the Enfamil, but Similac is the stuff we get from WIC so it's our main formula. The WIC doesn't cover how much he usually eats so what ever I have coupons for I get it and mix both) But I didn't have enough Similac to keep mixing, so I then gradually went all to Enfamil. Well that day he feed his normal 4 oz every 2-3 hours, but then the next day he had maybe 3-4 bottles total. I tried to get him to eat (just going about or normal schedule) but he refused. So I put those in the fridge and tried then later. Still refused. Yesterday he had very little maybe 20-25 oz total in a 24 hour period. So today I had my dad buy some Similac to see if he didn't like straight Enfamil. Nope. He still was around 20 oz. He eats solids, but not a lot. He acts hungry and is super grouchy! but he wont eat. He loves his sippy cup and everytime we are outside or driving around he has his sippy cup stuffed in his mouth. So I know he isn't dehydrated and his diapers say so too. So after this huge explination, is this normal for an 8 month old to eat so little? My mom thinks it's just because of the hot weather.

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So What Happened?

ok so 20-25 is more than what he ets, I re counted and it more like 15-20 oz. He used to eat 30 so its a bit worrysome. I'm not totally freaking out, in a week i'm going to be getting his next round of shots (alternative schedule) so i'll have them check his weight and if he lost weight then I will truly worry. I'm mostly wondering if anybody has had something like this happen and if it was a bad thing. I like him not eating as much formula so I dom't have to buy as much!
Silly mamma's I'm not meaning I don't want to buy the formula. With your suggestions saying that he might just need to eat more table foods or he doesn't want to eat the formula, he wont need as much formula so therefore I wont have to buy as much. Not me wanting to cut down how much I buy and make him suffer, I wouldn't do that.

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when my oldest son did that it was cause he was allergic to his forumula and had to be changed to soy. my 2 yr old wouldnt eat his formula due to it being hot and he just wanted water. but he never acted hungry. I am leaning to a formula allergy. take him to the doc.

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When my daughter was 8 months old, she went from being a hearty eater to barely consuming a handful of Cheerios per day. She would nurse fairly regularly but refused solid food. I was sick with worry. This continued until she was about 13 months, and then she regained her appetite. Once she turned 12 months, I started feeding her the most calorie-laden foods I could think of (no junk food, though), scrambled eggs with heavy whipping cream was my go-to food. She was very picky until she hit about 16 months, and now (age 2) she is just fine. Still a light eater, still kind of picky, but she is tall, strong, and very healthy so we don't worry as much. She tends to eat a lot one day, but very little the next.

I know it's hard not to stress out, but it seems as though kids self-regulate and eat what they need. I couldn't accept that when my daughter was 8 months old, but I would urge you not to worry too much. And actually, your daycare provider could be a valuable source of information and reassurance for you. She/he should be able to say whether your son is eating significantly less than the other kids, or if it's fairly common. As a parent of an only child, I have a hard time knowing what is 'normal" and often wish my daughter could be in daycare so that I could have some other perspectives weigh in.

Good luck!

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I think you should push the solids more. And 4 ozs every 2 hours isn't really the way he should be eating. He should be eating abut 6-8 ozs every 4 to 5 hours. Stop switching and mixing his formulas. He could be having a reaction to what you're doing. Stick with the formula that's provided by WIC. If they provide Similac, then you should always be feeding him Similac. Switching back and forth can really disrupt his digestive system. He really should be eating table foods at least 3 times a day at 8 months old. If not table food, then baby food. I know WIC provides you with baby food. He should be eating a breakfast, lunch and dinner of solids. Feed him when you eat. I see you said that he likes his sippy, why not put formula in his sippy cup? Maybe he just doesn't want the bottle anymore. That's perfectly fine! In fact, it's better...one less thing to wean him from!
I'm sure you meant the last line in your "So What Happened" as a joke, or at least I hope so.



answers from Los Angeles on

I don't think your son eats little at all. My almost nine month old drinks only 10 to 16 oz. of formula a day. Two months ago he was still drinking 26 oz and all of a sudden he is just not interested in the bottle anymore, the only time he will take the bottle is when he is half asleep at night. He eats solids three times a day but not much at all so I have to mix in a little bit of formula into his baby food to get him to eat a little bit more.

One reason he might not be drinking as much formula could be because he is teething. I think for some babies it hurts to suck when they are teething. Have you tried putting the formula in his sippy cup since he seems to be using it quite well? Another reason could be a sore throat. That will also hurt when he drinks. He could be perfectly fine but just doesn't like the taste of formula anymore?


answers from Kansas City on

Your baby needs to eat. It worries me that you are saying you don't want to buy as much formula. I know it seems expensive. But not when you figure out the cost per day and compare it to what we pay to feed ourselves. He's your child and you are going to be feeding him for years to come.

Your baby is probably trying to tell you he needs more solid food. You didn't mention solid food at all. Many kids act finicky, but what they are really trying to do is get used to food and it's all new to them. My grandson eats great one time, the next time not so great, and then back to great again. We just keep offering a wide variety of foods. He's 10 months and has even lost some weight recently due to being very sick for a week. He'll bounce right back. Losing a little weight isn't the end of the world for most babies.



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Babies do have periods of time during which they eat/drink less. However, I wonder if all the moving and changing his formula around has upset his digestive system. Babies like routine and having the same flavor of formula every time.

My daughter was on WIC with her first baby. She had an appointment every month with a specialist who weighed the baby, talked with my daughter, and increased the amount of formula to the amount that she needed. You should not have to supplement with formula that you purchase. If the brand that they gave you isn't working they will switch to a different brand. Work with your WIC counselor so that you have a consistent and sufficient supply of formula.

Are you heating his bottles? Are you using the same style of nipple? Are you holding him while he drinks? Are you relaxed when you're feeding him? Are you in a quiet and calm room, with perhaps soothing music playing, when you feed him. All of these can affect how much he eats.

If giving him the same formula over at least a week's time, while cuddling with him in a quiet environment, doesn't work, then I suggest that you have him tested for allergies. His body could very well have developed an allergy to milk protein or some other ingredient in the formulas. This is another reason to stay with just one brand and one style.

Please immediately get involved with WIC in your new location. WIC is an excellent program that wants you to have enough of the right formula. The reason for their existence is to be sure that babies and children, along with their mother have good nutrition. What you're doing now is not working. Call WIC and find out their hours and when is the best time for you to go in.

Megan, I just read your So What Happened. Your wish to have him drink less formula is a big part of the problem. This is not good! Formula is his primary source of nutrition at this age. CALL WIC! They will give you enough formula so that you are not having to buy more.

You do have reason to worry. This is not a good situation for your baby. He is not eating enough. Even if he isn't losing weight he's not getting enough nutrition for brain and muscle development. You really do need to take him to the WIC counselor as often as they want you to do so. Having to move does make making and keeping appointments difficult but it's essential that you go to WIC and get enough formula to last. :You do not need to buy any formula!!!!!!

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