8 Month Old Doesnt like Taking a Bath Anymore

Updated on February 02, 2010
J.H. asks from Jenks, OK
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My 8 month old son used to love bathtime!! He doesn't fit into his baby tub anymore so we had to move him into the regular tub. He hates it! I tried putting down a non slip suction cup cover on our tub (but our tub has a built in so called non slip in the tub so the sucktion cups will not stiick!!) I'm not sure what to do. The whole time he goes from sitting to standing to crawling and crying and tries to pull me into the tub! I dont know what to do.
Does anyone have an idea of something I could put in the tub to make it not so slippy? Also any idea of how to help him over come his recent tub fear?


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When my girls were little there were little seats that stuck to the bottom of the tub. They didn't slip around and I could bathe them. They could also sit and splash without slipping and dunking themselves.

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Hi, there's a GREAT inflatable tub called "Snug-Tub" that fits into your bathtub and has a drain and everything. The super-sized one will fit a child up to 20-24 months or so. It's soft, padded, and super easy. Check it out on google or amazon.com. I think mine was around $20. Otherwise, try taking him into the shower with you, maybe he'll like the change. Hope that helps! :-)

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I bathed my daughter in the kitchen sink when she outgrew the baby tub. I then moved her to the big bath tub when she outgrew the kitchen sink.



answers from Chicago on

kitchen sink.
or make sure the water is so shallow it doesn't even cover his legs.
otherwise its kinda scarey!



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Get in the bath tub with him! Just a few times to get him used to it. put a bathsuit on and get in there! the non slipness he needs to just learn he can't stand up in the bath its not safe, even with non slip coverings.



answers from Detroit on

Hi J.
Try putting toys and water tub marker in the tub to entertain your son. My daughter love writting on my bathroom walls with washable crayons.Hope this help



answers from Dallas on

My son was the same way. I bought a chair for him to sit in. It's similar to this one. http://www.babyant.com/bh012043.html It's supposed to suction cup to the tub, but we have the same issue with our tub that you mentioned. We just watched him very closely. It rarely tipped and when it did we caught him. The chair helped him sit upright and kept him still. We are now using the same chair for our daughter. She is 15 months old and hasn't outgrown it yet. It's been a lifesaver for bath times in our house!



answers from Dallas on

Try some bath toys this seem to work for me, it should take his mind off of the tub and maybe he will be more interested in playing



answers from New York on

When that happen with my daughter I start taking showers with her. She really loved being hugged with the warm water massaging her back it almost put her to sleep. The problem was that it was a pain the butt when it was time to get out. I couldn't put her in the shower floor so I could dry my self and then her so i would just get out and put a towel around her and run naked to the bedroom and start getting her dress (yes I was still naked) and putting her creams and all that I would just freeze.
So now I just give her showers in the kitchen sink and she is more happy because she even can watch tv from the kitchen, lol.
A couple weeks ago she actually start playing with the water so I think is time for her to go back to the tub, but now it is me the one that doesn't want, remember that pain in the back while on your knees? It is so much easer and painless to give her showers in the sink.
PS: We did try the infalble tubs that are bigger than the baby tub, and I think it was a great idea... but she was too scare of it (mine was a duck).



answers from Sherman on

This too shall pass. It's a stage and he will outgrow it. In the meantime, what about getting in the tub with him or try a shower. When our kids went through this we just started taking showers with them.



answers from Amarillo on

Hi! One Step Ahead has a great inflatable 'tub' that fits inside a regular tub. It's nice and stable and cushy, which might help your son feel more comfortable. One thing I used to do was put a towel in the bottom of the tub, and climb on in with my baby girl. The towel will want to float up, but it does give you more traction. I also second the idea of toys. We always had 'special' ones that were just for bath time. Good luck!


answers from Dallas on

Hi J.,

I fouind what I called a bath tub cradle - at Walmart - it's just a mesh/cloth reclining bath thingy - that the baby can lie back on while you bath him and wash his hair. I used it with my 2 year old until she was about 18 months and am now using it with my one year old. I began putting her in the big bathtub at 3 months because I could lie her on this cradle thing and she did just fine. You have to stay there with him of course because there is nothing to hold them on it - but it's very comfortable for them and makes hair washing so much easier as well. Seems like it was around $10 or $12 dollars or so. You will find it near the baby tubs section.



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My daughter loved baths, and then started refusing to take them at 11 months. It didn't last too long, and it did help to teach me that "this too shall pass." I ended up getting in the tub myself, then seeing if she wanted to come in,which she did. After a couple of nights that way, we just went back to putting her in the tub and she was fine.

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